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Exam Code: 76940X Avaya

Exam Title: Avaya Converged Platform Support

Exam Overview:

Avaya Converged Platform is a turnkey hardware solution that is available to all Avaya applications and application essentials. Avaya Converged Platform 100 series offers a single virtualized or plain metal server for delivering Avaya applications and next-generation digital transformation for both unified communication and contact center applications.

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What will you learn as Beginner 76940X?

Converged Infrastructure (CI) is a conjunction of computing, storage, and networking infrastructure in the data center. The deployment of data center infrastructure as an entire system can streamline and accelerate the deployment of resources. Connected infrastructure also delivers a platform for repeatable, modular deployment of data center resources for rapid scale and more consistent performance. This is especially desirable in virtualized environments requiring standardized foundations for virtual resources.

Requirements before taking the 76940X exam:  

  • Reference architectures are pre-validated configuration guidelines that provide blueprints for a converged system resource type, quantity, and connectivity. This approach allows for rapid, trusted configurations that can leverage existing equipment.
  • Pre-racked configurations have the compute, storage, and network components pre-installed in a data center rack.

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The Avaya Converged Platform 100 series is comprised of three Models:

  • ACP 110: This is a bare metal server used by a few applications. The applications determine if the Operating System (OS) is preloaded at Avnet.
  • ACP 120: The is Dell R640 shipped from Avnet with Avaya Virtualized Platform preloaded. The ACP 120 is synonymous with AVP. AVP or greater, or AVP 8.0.1 or greater is required.
  • ACP 130: This is the Dell R640 shipped from Avnet with ESXi 6.5 preloaded and with a standard VMware license.