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Exam Code: 71300X Avaya

Exam Title: Aura® Communication Applications Integration

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These include Salesforce, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Magento, and even HR, supply chain management (SCM), and warehouse management (WMS) systems. Modern application integration connectors take your data and transform it into a format that's compatible with your IT architecture and streamline the process.

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Converged Infrastructure (CI) is a conjunction of computing, storage, and networking infrastructure in the data center. The deployment of data center infrastructure as an entire system can streamline and accelerate the deployment of resources. Connected infrastructure also delivers a platform for repeatable, modular deployment of data center resources for rapid scale and more consistent performance. This is especially desirable in virtualized environments requiring standardized foundations for virtual resources.

Application integration has four different levels:

Presentation level integration:

At the presentation level, different applications are presented as a single application with a common interface. It is achieved through middleware technology. Presentation level integration is, perhaps, the earliest kind of application integration. It is also known as screen scraping.

Business process integration:

This level of integration connects various business processes to common servers, which can be on-premise or cloud. Business process integration, largely, deals with how different applications will interact with each other. It is helpful in automating business processes, reducing human error, and improving overall efficiency.

Data integration:

One of the key processes for efficient application integration is data integration. It ensures that applications can talk to each other by way of exchanging data. Since different applications might output different data formats, data transformation is a key part of this integration level. Simply speaking, data is converted into a format that is understood by all applications.

Communications-level integration:

This is the ultimate level in application integration. It is used to achieve business process and data integration. While data integration ensures that applications can talk to each other, communications-level integration defines how communication happens. It employs APIs (application program interface) to achieve the task

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