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Updated August 09 2022

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7495X-Avaya Oceanaâ„¢ Solution Integration Exam

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Hotcerts exam Description

Exam Code: 7495X Avaya

Exam Title: Oceanaâ„¢ Solution Integration Exam

Exam Overview:

Solution integration allows a portion of the software in your existing technology solution to cooperate with another piece of software with relevant information but different process guidelines.

The key feature of the exam

  • 66 practice questions with comprehensive explanations 
  • Unlimited access
  • Auto-updates to the exam content 
  • 24/7 live chat support 

What will you learn as Beginner 7495X?

  • Connect on-premies, hybrid, and cloud applications
  • Run mission-critical, complex integration strategies with ease
  • Power cloud APIs for the enterprise
  • Improve the value of an on-premises investment
  • Act as a stepping stone to a cloud-only strategy
  • Allow third parties to access data without compromising systems

Requirements before taking the 7495X exam:     

 That is why integration support helps to ascertain contact with the clients. So, information support involves the following aspects:

  •     Searching and magazine of relevant materials on the subject of the site
  •     The stylization of the area under the potential consumer
  •     Definition of a targeted group of visitors
  •     Updating outdated information about products and services
  •     The experienced support should be complete and complex so that the organizations will always allow the clients to respond to changing market conditions quickly.

Why should I take the certified exam?

If you are experienced and expect to learn advanced automation and features on the platform, then this certification is for you.

Career for fresher:

For securing job placements in the fast-growing cloud computing industry, you may start learning to enhance your knowledge and pass the exam to pursue your ideal career.

Validating your skills:

Suppose you are already acquainted with technologies and have learned yourself. In that case, it is time to observe this official exam right away and get recognized with industry-acceptable certification for validating your aptitudes.

Career updating

Suppose you have cracked an interview recently and deployed in any projects. In that case, a certification in practitioner can promote you to the next level and stabilize your career growth.

Managing skill gaps:

If you are a passionate learner of cloud computing and trying to learn for the first time, then this exam on fundamentals is a perfect choice to test your knowledge and fill the skill gaps.

Benefits of learning 7495X:

  • Enterprise and beyond
  • Agile processes
  • Opex based subscription model
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Dev Ops support
  • Focused on integrating Social, Mobile, analytics, and cloud.