Question and Answer: 45

The ATA02 Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate candidate knowledge and skills in creating an efficient and effective Blue Prism robotic process automation (RPA) environment. Blue Prism is a leading RPA platform used by organizations worldwide to automate business processes and improve operational efficiency.
ATA02 exam is specifically tailored for individuals who are involved in designing and setting up Blue Prism environments. By successfully completing this exam, they demonstrate their proficiency in designing a robust Blue Prism infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices.
During the exam, they will be tested on their ability to analyze business requirements, assess infrastructure needs, and make informed decisions regarding the setup and configuration of Blue Prism components. They will also be evaluated on their understanding of security protocols, data protection measures, and how to optimize the performance of the Blue Prism environment.
The ATA02 Exam is ideal for individuals who have already obtained foundational knowledge of Blue Prism and have practical experience in implementing RPA solutions. By acquiring this certification, they enhance their professional credentials and increase their marketability in the rapidly growing field of RPA.