Hotcerts Exam Description

Exam Code: AIE02 

Exam Title: Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment

Exam Overview:

The exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and experience of how all Blue Prism architectural components should be deployed and configured for a successful implementation. To become a certified Installation Engineer, you must pass either Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism Environment Exams.

The key feature of the exam

  • 45 practice questions with comprehensive explanations 
  • Unlimited access
  • Auto-updates to the exam content 
  • 24/7 live chat support 

What will you learn as Beginner AIE02?

  • Every sector requires professionals, and this certification helps you get ahead of all the other aspiring developers.
  • Companies including IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, etc., use Blue Prism to automate their operation. Thereby giving you a wide range of companies to apply to.
  • A Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer offered higher pay than other non-certified peers.
  • Blue Prism Professional Developer Certification is accepted all around the globe. The certification gives the candidate an upper hand if they need to move globally anywhere.

Requirements for taking the AIE02 exam :

  • Provisioning a Blue Prism Database Server
  •  Maintaining a Blue Prism Database Server
  •  Secure Windows Authentication
  •  Credential Manager
  •  Securing Network Connectivity
  •  Active Directory Integration
  •  Login Agent

Why should I take the certified exam?

If you are experienced and desire to learn advanced automation and features on the platform, then this certification is for you.

Career for fresher:

For securing job placements in the fast-growing cloud computing industry, you may start learning to enhance your knowledge and pass the exam to pursue your ideal career.

Validating your skills:

Suppose you are already acquainted with technologies and have learned yourself. In that case, it is time to observe this official exam right away and get recognized with industry-acceptable certification for validating your aptitudes.

Career updating

Consider you have cracked an interview recently and deployed in any assignments. In that case, a certification in practitioner can promote you to the next level and stabilize your career growth.

Managing skill gaps:

If you are a passionate learner of cloud computing and trying to learn for the first time, then this exam on fundamentals is a perfect choice to test your knowledge and fill the skill gaps.

Benefits of AIE02 :  

  • Vision. Create an image for your digital workforce based on organizational strategy and goals that support long-term intelligent automation success.
  • Organization
  • Governance and pipeline
  • Delivery methodology 
  • Service model
  • People
  • Technology