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How does Blockchain Technology Function and What is it? And it’s Types

4 mn read Blockchain Technology Blockchain is a distributed database that allows multiple parties to record and verify transactions in a secure and transparent way without the need for a central authority. It is a digital ledger of transactions that is decentralized and conveyed across an organization of PCs. Each transaction is recorded as a block, and once […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications – Definitive Guide in 2022

4 mn read It is a fact that artificial intelligence, or AI, has made a considerable impact globally with its unique features. Every organization is now upgrading its units to AI technology, saving time and money. Artificial intelligence or AI is awarded the name of ‘The Sexiest Job of the Century.’ It is correct that everyone working among the best […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Nanotechnology in 2022

4 mn read Need to Know About Nanotechnology in 2022:   It is a fact that, by now, nanotechnology has done so much to improve the products and quality of daily life. From well-improved fertilizers and sharply targeted medications to long-lasting mobile batteries and every smarter/smaller electronic equipment, nanomaterials (part of nanotechnology) are being widely used almost everywhere. […]

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The Processing of Natural Languages: How Does It Work? A Checklist To Remember

3 mn read The Processing of Natural Languages What is NLP? Natural language processing, often known as NLP, is the capability of a computer program to comprehend human language in its well-spoken written text. As compared to traditional Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) systems, which can only respond to the questions posed in a constrained manner, Natural Language Processing […]

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