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Top 10 Most In-Demand Microsoft Certifications in 2022 :

In 2022, the best way to boost your Information Technology career is to get the most in-demand Microsoft Certifications. Suppose you wish to become and work as a database administrator IT analyst. In that case, IT professional, developer, or system administrator, an MS certification can quickly assist you in demonstrating your skills and boosting your chances of getting hired or promoted.

In this new era of technologies, getting a professional Microsoft certification is the only way to learn new things and grow as a system analyst, database administrator, or web developer.

We all know that MS Windows OS is the most widely used and famous software worldwide. Millions and millions of computers are running Microsoft certification. It led to Microsoft mounting many supporting tools for the servers, cloud platform, and application development to sort out the developing needs.

Now we will discuss some prominent points of Microsoft certifications and list the ten most in-demand Microsoft Certifications in 2022. Keep reading this article to know more about Microsoft certifications.


What are Microsoft Certifications?

An MS Certification upholds your technical expertise concerning definite MS technology-related positions. MS offers you 250+ certifications for different stages of expertise based on associated exams. If you want expertise in MS certifications, you should earn them in sequence order. A Microsoft Certification shows the firms your expertise in relevant accreditation. 

The cost to take the exam related to Microsoft Certifications varies from $99 to $165.

How to Choose Correct Microsoft Certification Path?

Utmost the Information Technology professionals select their MS certification depending upon their career goals or current role. Take a note of the following points to choose which the best Microsoft certifications for you are:

  • Check the Suitable Requirements
  • Before getting into the path of MS certifications, check on the Microsoft site to authorize that you’ve achieved the basic essential requirements for the certification. 

 Research Most In-Demand MS certification path in 2022:

Below are the vital role-based Microsoft Certification paths are present to pursue:

  • Administrator
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Functional Consultant
  • Security Engineers
  • Solution Architect

Complete Related Coursework and Take the Exams

Then, conclude how you need to acquire the accreditation. Numerous MS certificate ways permit you to pick between online independent or in-person guidance. In the wake of choosing your learning style, you can generally finish the affirmation coursework in one to five days.

After your coursework is complete, you’ll plan the standard tests. Numerous MS certificates for IT experts require one test, while some require two.

List of The 10 Most In-Demand Microsoft Certifications in 2022:

We will discuss the top 10 demanding and highest-paying MS Certifications in 2022. Keep reading the article to get valuable information you’re looking for:


Microsoft 365 Certified: TSEA (Team Support Engineer Associate):

There are many MS certifications geared towards Microsoft 365 assortment, though, one that is the most right is Microsoft 365 Certified: TESA (Team Support Engineer Associate). 

Teams have developed an essential tool for accommodating video meetings for remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This certification has given a chance to many people to emerge as Microsoft 365 Certified that are still in need. The Team Support Engineer Associate exam is planned for the team support engineers and administrators who have made a large MS 365 Teams environment. 

Members in the exam need to have had critical directness to assured interchanges and in-the-ground experience with Teams. Other significant requirements incorporate Azure systems administration information and involvement in communication, information stockpiling, approval, application security, validation and security, PowerShell, consistency, investigating, and execution tuning and observing. 


Microsoft 365 Certified – (Team Support Engineer Associate) certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Microsoft Azure Administrator – AZ-104:

MS Azure Administrator Certification training is an introductory level course from MS for the experts who seek to become MS Azure Administrators. You can easily participate in this certification course associated with the AZ-104 exam. From this exam, you’ll be able to acquire all phases of cloud computing, monitoring, and managing a firm’s MS Azure Environment.

With business arrangements and administrations moving to the cloud, it is fundamental for experts to know about dealing with these administrations on platforms like Microsoft Azure. In such a manner, the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 preparation conveyed by Hotcerts will assist members with acquiring an essential intellectual capacity to carry out and manage personalities, administration, cloud storage, making virtual organizations, and overseeing assets when needed.


Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification: AZ-104 certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Microsoft Certified – SOAA (Security Operations Analyst Associate):

Key supply chain hacks like Solar Winds, and enduring state-sponsored Cyber Attacks have put on a new sagacity of perseverance to reinforce security operations for many organizations. This MS certification assists you in building the defenders useless when a cyber-attack is playing out, also later, too, throughout the incident reaction.

There are both (Free & Paid) learning pathways for the course or those who want to hire an instructor to top the course material. 

This certification is well-grounded with multi-module Microsoft Learning Path meetings to finish for attempting the exam. The modules incorporate how to beat back dangers involving Azure Defender, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (previously ATP), Microsoft 365 Defender, and numerous parts of utilizing Sentinel SIEM.


Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Why Choose Hotcerts?

Many certifications require a lot of material and exams help which take up to months to research them and take the related exam. Hotcerts is the best platform to prepare for the concerned certification exam with our professional team in less than three months. 

There are a lot of MS certifications that are also in the package whose prices are less than any other platform is providing. You don’t need to have higher education to acquire these exams. You need to endorse one of our plans and get all the material and professional assistance regarding your certification. You can prepare and take the relevant certification exams in less than three months with the professional material and guidance to pursue your career as MS certified with our professional support. 


Analyzing the Data with Microsoft Power BI – DA-100:

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI – DA-100 certification is one of the famous MS certifications from Microsoft. This certification is for professionals seeking a proper understanding of the skills and information to examine the Business Data and Information with MS Power BI to develop ritual visualization in reports and dashboards. 

To pursue your career as a Certified with MS Power BI, you must participate in 3-Day basic DA-100 training for BI (Business Intelligence) professionals who need to maximize the actual worth of their data assessments by using MS Power BI.

If you are searching to acquire this certification of Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI – DA-100 course, then look no more.


DS-100 certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Microsoft Certified – Security, Identity Fundamentals, and Compliance (SC-900):

This MS certification authenticates one’s ability to acknowledge the basics of relevant MS services, Security, Identity Fundamentals, compliance, and identity concerning the cloud-based. 

microsoft certification

It has an assorted audience that incorporates business partners, new or experienced Information Technology professionals, and understudies intrigued by Microsoft security, authorization, and character activities.

Applicants should be aware of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 and how Microsoft security, consistency, and personality arrangements can be utilized to give a far-reaching and start to finish approach in these arrangement regions. The test code for this affirmation is SC-900.


 SC-900 certification costs about $99 to take the exam.


Designing an Azure Data Solution – DP-201:

Microsoft Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) training certification is specially designed for Azure Data Engineers liable for the data-related tasks. It includes transforming, ingesting, and egressing data from many sources using several tools and services. 

In this DP-201 certification, you’ll study how to recognize and come across data requirements even though implementing and designing the privacy, management, security, and monitoring of the data consuming the full-stack of MS Azure Services to gratify the business needs.


 DP-201 certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Microsoft Certified PL-900 – Power Platform Solution Architect Expert (Not for Beginners):

MS is staking big on the Power Platform for being a low code hit. Also, in recent times, Microsoft launched the Power-FX tool. It is a new programming language for the Microsoft platform. On the off chance that you enhance your abilities in Power Platform, you get the opportunity to assist the business with addressing engineer skills deficiencies and business data sharing difficulties.

This testament isn’t really for beginners. Members are relied upon to have no less than three years of involvement as a Power Platform planner or as long as 10 years of involvement as a senior expert with profound information on the Power Platform Engineering. 

Candidates who want to acquire this certification must complete one of the following certifications:

  • Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate
  • Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Developer Associate


 PL-900 certification costs about $165 to take the exam.


Implementing an Azure Data Solution– DP-200:

This certification is Microsoft’s most sought-after course for those professionals who want to implement MS Azure Solutions for an initiative.

It would help if you went the 3-day teacher drove Implementing Azure Data Solution certification organizing, which is excellent for Data Architects, Data Management Professionals, and experts who foster applications on Microsoft Azure innovation.


 DP-200 certification costs about $165 to take the exam.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals– AZ-900:

microsoft certification

This MS certified Azure Fundamental certification authorizes one’s deep understanding of the cloud services and how MS Azure delivers them. This certification is for candidates new to Azure or simply beginning to work with cloud-based arrangements and administrations.

It gives command of Cloud Concepts, Core Azure Services, and executive’s tools on Azure, general security and organization security highlights, character, administration, protection, consistency elements, and Azure expense the board and Service-Level Agreements. The test code is AZ-900.


 AZ -900 certification costs about $99 to take the exam.


Microsoft Certified Dynamic 365 Fundamentals – MB-901:

Microsoft Certified Dynamic 365 Fundamentals authorizes one’s skills to acknowledge Microsoft Dynamic 365. Applicants who want to pursue this certification must have essential experience dealing with the legal, security, and sector measures for Information Technology projects.

The Dynamic 365 Fundamental certification exam code is MB-901. After taking this course, you’ll be able to understand the following topics:

Understand the Dynamic 356 Operational and Finance Applications

Understand the model compelled applications

Understand diverse reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Recognize MS platform Parts for Dynamic 365 


 MB -901 certification costs about $99 to take the exam.


Here we’ve provided the top 10 most in-demand Microsoft certifications in 2022. It could be a game-changer acknowledgment for those candidates who are serious learners. All the certification mentioned above is appropriate for beginners to experts. You should prepare well before attempting any certification exam because they could be tricky. So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step and acquire your certification right away with Hotcerts expert exam solution and consultation team.

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