A guide to Microsoft Certifications: 11 benefits of Microsoft certified training

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A guide to Microsoft Certifications: 11 benefits of Microsoft certified training

Microsoft Certified Training provides resources to help you prepare and excel for jobs that require these software skills. Proving your resume to Microsoft’s training prepares you to succeed in various disciplines. This article describes what is included in Microsoft Certification Training and how you can benefit from obtaining this credential. The Microsoft Certification Program prepares employees and future employees for success using Microsoft products and related software skills such as coding and database management.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science shows that you have a basic knowledge of the IT field. Still, Microsoft’s programs help you display your expertise in a particular area of ​​this field. The Microsoft Certification Program offers multi-tier training, so you’re either a beginner-level applicant to make a good impression on your resume or have been in the technical field for ten years and are looking for growth. You can consider this training with or without it.

The Microsoft certification process is available for all skill levels. There are three different stages of certification to meet at the individual level.

Basics: This is a beginner level for Microsoft certification programs. Start here if you’re moving to a new career space or just entering the technical arena.

Associate: If someone has two years of experience in the technical field, they should start here. Microsoft recommends that you obtain a basic certification before obtaining an Associate certification, but these initial certifications are not required.

Expert: If you have 2-5 years of technical experience, start at the expert level. You may need to complete an Associate-level exam to qualify for an expert-level certification.

You will take a qualification exam at the beginning of the certification process. You will become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) if you pass. Obtaining MCP status gives you access to more advanced exams and program benefits. From there, you can select a specialized path. The IT employment market is becoming more competitive and will become a mediocre company with low wages unless it is ready.

Being competent in your decisions is the key to success. You can’t get your dream job with just a college degree. If you want to be the best in the IT field, acquiring an IT certification on your resume is essential. Microsoft certifications are in the limelight, and young graduates and working professionals are anxious to get certifications from this prestigious technology company.

Benefits of Microsoft Certified Training

If you plan to become more successful in your career, there are seven benefits to getting Microsoft certification.

A guide to Microsoft Certifications

1: Updated skills and knowledge

Intensive courses taken to earn Microsoft certification will equip you with newly updated skills and knowledge. Choose a certified IT college for the best learning background.

2: The distinction in the crowd of job seekers

As mentioned earlier, there is more competition than ever in the IT job market. With Microsoft certification, you can stand out from the crowd and impress the employers of top companies.

Microsoft Certifications

3: Verification in your company

When you get a Microsoft certification, your opinions are more appreciated because of your professional skills. Regardless of your role in your company, you will have a more significant say in all decisions, and others will rely on you for help and guidance.

4: A higher salary

Better qualifications and more credibility will allow you to negotiate higher salaries. Employers need qualified candidates and are willing to pay extra for their expertise.

5: Many career opportunities

Microsoft certification opens the door to many new careers in various industries. If you are considering a career change, are ready to try another job, or change your entire career, this certification will help you on your new path.

6: Respect from colleagues

As a Microsoft Certified Professional, you will gain tremendous respect and recognition from your colleagues and others in your field.

7: Personal satisfaction

No amount and respect can outweigh the personal satisfaction from your professional achievements. Microsoft certification gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

In addition to being a commonly helpful educational tool, the Microsoft Certification Program offers many benefits that apply to both your current workplace and future job hunting activities.

8: Higher growth potential

Microsoft certification training helps you strengthen your resume and get a job, but you can also progress your current company. With the qualifications granted by the accreditation program, you are more likely to negotiate a salary increase. These qualifications may also make you a more attractive candidate for promotion in your current business. Knowledge validated through Microsoft certification training should help you be more productive and ready to solve your problems. This will allow you to perform well in leadership positions.

9: Improved visibility

One challenge in finding a new job and advancing the current job is that it stands out among many other candidates. Microsoft Certified Training can set you apart by providing additional verification of your abilities. Instead of simply placing “Microsoft App Development Proficiency” in the Skills section of your resume, you can use a Microsoft certification badge to represent your experience with the visual emblem. The certification program also makes it manageable to share your credentials online. This will make you stand out in your network of professionals when looking for new jobs.

10: Microsoft Office fluency

Creating documents in Microsoft Word is a common requirement for most job seekers. Still, if you’re entirely familiar with all Microsoft Office apps, you can use the Office suite to solve various problems. You can acquire transferable skills. Microsoft Certified Training demonstrates your ability to create professional documents and impressive presentations and provides essential and effective charts for finance professionals, business analysts, data analysts, and many other jobs. It also indicates that it can be created. The ability to effectively develop charts also demonstrates your skills in collecting and interpreting data. Being proficient in Microsoft Excel can also make the conclusions drawn from your data understandable and essential to others in your business.

11: Increased flexibility

Today’s workplace requires frequent technology changes and adaptability to problem-solving strategies. There are many different skills that you can learn in the Microsoft Certification Program that give you flexibility for your current and future employers. These qualifications show employers who can use different strategies to resolve issues and resolve consumer and stakeholder concerns. Microsoft’s certification program allows you to view your credentials by completing specific training formally. Such records enhance your resume, better reflect the breadth of your skills, and show your employer that you deserve the progress you have made.

How to earn a Microsoft certification:

Follow these basic steps to get Microsoft certification.

How to get Microsoft Certification

  • Determine the required certification

With so many certifications available to varying degrees, you need to determine which certifications are most beneficial to your career. Consider asking your boss if you have the specific qualifications you want to obtain. If you’re looking for a job, check the job listings to see what qualifications most employers are looking for.

  • Learn or complete a training course

Training is not required, but consider looking for a trainer to help you prepare. If your trainer isn’t on a budget, you can use your home test lab. Practice the lab with books purchased or received from your trainer. It would help if you designed your solution for these labs.

  • Take a mock exam

A low score on this practice exam is acceptable and motivates you to study. Scores are usually low, especially as the material is new to you.

  • Renew certification

You may need to renew your certification each year. Check if and when you need to renew your certification so that you can continue to certify your resume.

Jobs that typically require Microsoft certification

These jobs either require or prefer someone with Microsoft certification.

  • IT Specialist: An IT Specialist or IT Support Specialist is responsible for setting up, managing, and troubleshooting the technology systems that enterprises use to maintain a network of computers and software.
  • Technical support specialist: A technical support specialist or IT support specialist is responsible for assisting you with questions related to your computer’s hardware or software device.
  • Software developer: Software developers design, plan, and build computer programs. They have a variety of jobs to do, like making new applications for mobile or desktop use or building the underlying operating system. In any case, software developers identify user needs, build programs, test new software, and make improvements.
  • Web developer: Web developers assemble and sustain websites. They are also responsible for the technical aspects of the site, such as performance and capacity. This is an indicator of the speed of your website and the amount of traffic your site can handle. Web developers may also create content for your site.
  • Software tester: Software testers are concerned with the software development and deployment quality validation phase. Perform automated and manual testing to ensure that the software created by the developer fits your purpose and that bugs and issues have been removed within the product before it was deployed to everyday users.
  • Software Engineer: Software engineers need to do the following: Analyze user requirements. Write and test your code, improve and rewrite your code as needed, and communicate with the programmers involved in your project. Investigate, design, and create new software programs (such as business applications and computer games) and computer operating systems.
  • System Administrator: SysAdmin or system administrator is responsible for configuring and managing the entire corporate infrastructure, including all the hardware, software, and operating systems needed to support the operation of your business.
  • Azure cloud architect: Azure Architect or Azure Solutions Architect is a cloud architect who builds solutions for Microsoft Azure Cloud. A typical Azure architect is a senior engineer with over ten years of experience building and managing software solutions.

Benefits of listing certifications on your resume

Including a list of your qualifications in your resume is often the best way to prove that you are an attractive applicant. You can get special consideration by hiring. The list of certifications shows the relevance of the candidate’s role, which may increase the salary offered by the employer. Another reason to list your qualifications on your resume is to show potential employers that you are committed to your career and continue to grow your skills and qualifications.

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