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The A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam job will be accountable for the everyday functioning of the SAS system, the generation of models produced by data scientists, the optimization of code, the maintenance of data and code administration, and any other firefighting required to ensure the systems work smoothly.

Starting your A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam position description with an introduction paragraph informing the prospective applicant a little about your organization and the working circumstances is your opportunity to stand out from the competition. Take 2-3 words to tailor your recruitment presentation to the ideal individual, attracting the finest of the best.

Each test and certification has unique prerequisites. If this is a severe undertaking, read the qualifications before proceeding. Nothing is worse than investing months preparing for SAS Platform Administration exam certifications you cannot take or clearing an exam that will not help you obtain certification!

Continue exploring and reading to learn essential details about the SAS Platform Administration exam in 2024.

What is the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration Exam?

The A00-250, commonly called the SAS Platform Administration for SAS 9, allows the SAS Institute to evaluate a wide range of subjects, as do all tests. That implies understanding the bulk of the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam content is essential because they check at randomness on the various topics accessible.

The A00-250 exam covers essential topics, including setting up SAS Meta Information, controlling access and security control, monitoring and tweaking SAS efficiency, and managing SAS material and libraries. It also discusses disaster recovery preparation and using SAS solutions to satisfy unique corporate needs.

Successfully passing the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration for SAS9 exam indicates a candidate’s ability to administer an SAS 9 system effectively. It is an essential credential for IT professionals wishing to further their professional lives. Be aware. However, that experience requirements frequently exist because they have learned about the ordinary individual and what is necessary. You can move past it to succeed with the A00-250, but additional effort will be needed.

A00-250 SAS Platform Administration Exam Details

Here are the exam details for the A00-250 SAS platform Administration exam:

  • Exam Name: SAS Platform Administration
  • Exam Code: A00-250
  • Exam Duration: 115 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 65 MCQs
  • Passing Score: 66%
  • Exam Vendor: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Cost: $180 USD

SAS Platform Administration Exam Content Outline

Here is the detailed course outline for the SAS Platform Administration exam certifications:

Controlling the SAS Environment – 15%

  • Secure the SAS platform configuration.
  • Use OS controls to safeguard the SAS configuration files.
  • Update SAS software.
  • Regularly monitor and apply hotfixes.
  • Deploy SAS maintenance packets.
  • Update SAS licenses.
  • Work with SAS Metadata Server.
  • Configure the metadata servers to utilize network backups and an external login account.
  • To configure the SAS Metadata Server cluster,
  • Install and configure more data server nodes.
  • Manage metadata repositories
  • Set up initial login with the metadata server
  • Highlight the significance of journaling
  • Promote metadata and related material.

SAS servers account  monitoring, logging, and debugging – 15%

  • Observe SAS servers.
  • Monitor workstation and stored event servers.
  • To see server assets, utilize SAS Environment Manager.
  • Configure alerts and escalation functionality
  • Manage SAS server logs and alter settings.
  • Adjust log levels and find logs.
  • Enable trace logging.
  • Explain the distinction between default and customized reporting.
  • Use dynamic logging.
  • Address fundamental SAS server concerns, like server availability.
  • Use alerts for monitoring.
  • Determine the attributes and operation of SAS servers.
  • Determine the launch order of SAS servers.
  • Describe the purpose of the item’s spawner.
  • To monitor SAS servers, utilize the Server Manager plug-in.
  • Assess SAS server resources using Environment Manager.

Storing Up the SAS Environment – 8%

  • Back up and rebuild the SAS environment.
  • View the backup and recovery histories.
  • Perform an immediate (ad-hoc) backup.
  • Customize backups.
  • Get details on recovery and backup options.
  • View and adjust the backup plan.
  • Recover fully or partially from one of the backups.
  • Decide when to indicate a central vault site.
  • Describe the limits of the Deployment Recovery and Backup Tool.
  • To perform restores, use SAS Backup Manager in Environmental Manager.
  • When creating metadata backups, use the Roll forward option.
  • Explain the Deployment agent’s involvement in the backup.
  • Use programs and system tools to back up metadata.
  • Backup and recovery metadata.
  • Perform an immediate (ad-hoc) backups.
  • Recover metadata.
  • Use the SAS Administration Console’s backup feature.
  • Set the backup settings.
  • View and adjust the backup schedule.
  • Reorganize attributes.

Administering Users – 22%

  • Manage the connection profiles.
  • Include groups and users in the metadata.
  • Control management rights to the metadata.
  • Manage roles.
  • Manage corporate SAS accounts.
  • Determine when to save credentials in the metadata.
  • Give users a link to the processing and data servers.
  • Identify the SAS server login protocols.

Administering Data Access – 20%

  • Include libraries and databases in the metadata.
  • Update the table metadata.
  • Make a library assignment ahead of time.
  • Troubleshoot accessing data issues.
  • Utilize the metadata LIBNAME generator.

Handling Metadata Authorization – 20%

  • Determine how the metadata authorization layer interfaces with the other security levels.
  • Determine where, how, and to whom metadata rights are granted.
  • Determine the results of metadata authorization choices.
  • Use metadata rights to protect metadata.
  • Employ the metadata folder structure to control access to metadata.
  • Create and utilize access control templates.

How to Study for the SAS Platform Administration Exam?


SAS Platform Administration Exam
SAS Platform Administration Exam

Here are the significant points you must cover to study well for the SAS Platform Administration exam in 2024:

  1. Your Schedule As A Ritual

A timetable will fail if you do not stick to it. So, when studying for the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam, remember to stick to your study plan without fail. Anyone who applies may pass the test in one month if they commit enough time to learning and memorizing the main topics. Short notes are pretty helpful, and you can handle them.

  1. Read the SAS Platform Administrator Syllabus Subjects Well:

The first step in passing the SAS Platform Administration test is to familiarize yourself with the syllabus contents. The more a candidate understands the syllabus subjects, the better his prospects of achieving the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam certification. Always plan to go over the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam syllabus topics. An A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam study program without restriction appears more complex in the long term. Most candidates find that reading and writing a material helps them memorize it. Make your study regimen more successful by taking notes on crucial topics. Keep the letters in order and utilize them throughout editing to save time.

  1. Stick to Your Schedule Daily to Address the Topics Effectively:

If you create a timetable but do not adhere to it strictly, finishing the syllabus may become questionable. While surfing the internet, you will come across the advice of many successful applicants; nonetheless, plan your timetable carefully. Make the most of your routine by devoting two to three hours daily. There is no exemption to everyday study; choose a few subjects and cover them thoroughly. Learn in a way that will allow you to use your knowledge quickly in the future during the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam real applications.

  1. Read, write, and remember.

The best part of passing any multiple-choice A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam is remembering the material. Your preparation should be thorough enough to recall the issues and facts during the SAS Platform Administration test. The memorizing approach is most effective if you develop a habit of writing and reading about the topics while learning. Make brief notes on the essential concerns to prevent revision trouble.

  1. Concentrate more on practicing with the SAS A00-250 Practice Test.

A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam practice exams let candidates measure their level of preparedness. The A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam practice exams serve as self-assessment tools, guiding applicants through the results section to identify their strengths and flaws. Practicing exams familiarizes a candidate with the test format and teaches him to answer as many questions as possible within the time limit. If you carefully manage your study schedule, you will have enough time after completing the syllabus to revisit some topics, allowing you to transform your weaknesses into strengths.

  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude Until the SAS A00-250 Exam Day:

You may have felt challenged during your exam preparation and considered giving up. However, maintaining a positive outlook is hugely beneficial in learning the exam topics and maintaining a high energy level until exam day. If preparing for the A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam is challenging, remember the end goal and stay focused.

SAS Platform Administration Exam Sample Questions

Here are the sample questions for the A00-250, which you must master before taking the actual exam and have a clear idea of what our PDF engine will include:

Question 1:

Determine which object type is capable of being promoted.

  1. User’s
  2. ACT’s
  3. Roles
  4. Libraries

Question 2:

A customer wishes to have their system configured such that stored processes may use libraries with no having to handle library allocations in stored process code.

How should libraries be assigned?

  1. by default
  2. by client application
  3. by pre-assignment
  4. by user access

Question 3:

A platform administrator must erase metadata for table definitions that have the following characteristics:

The table definitions appear in the metadata repository but do not have a matching table in the physical library.

What action should the platform’s administrator take following the impact analysis?

  1. Delete repository
  2. Delete physical library
  3. Remove the table metadata folder
  4. Update table metadata

Question 4:

In a mixed provider scenario, the platform administrator must ensure users can access the standard workspace server smoothly. SAS Token Authentication isn’t applicable. How can the platform administrator manage passwords for external accounts?

  1. Save the passwords in the metadata.
  2. Save the passwords in an external file.
  3. Assign the credentials to the authentication domain.
  4. Save the credentials in an SAS internal account.

Question 5:

Which statement describes the downsides of pre-assigned libraries?

  1. The server is unavailable to the user unless all pre-assigned libraries are allocated.
  2. Pre-assigned libraries must be the same across all SAS client applications.
  3. Pre-assigned libraries can only be assigned using the autoexec file.
  4. The administrator has no influence over which engine obtains data in a pre-assigned library.


When preparing, visit the official A00-250 SAS Platform Administration exam page for valuable resources, books, and blogs. Having what you need to pass the SAS A00-250 test is critical. Follow the study materials that will cover all test subjects. Create a study schedule focusing on a few daily topics and covering them from beginning to end.

As a result, invest two hours daily in reading and taking notes to improve your understanding of the topics. The test objectives vary for each exam and are typically supplied by the certification issuer. These often inform the test taker on what subjects are significant, what they must understand, and why the exam aims to cover them. It is critical to figure them out for your unique exam.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I Register For The A00-250 Exam?

You can easily register for the SAS A00-250 exam from Pearson VUE’s official website.

What Is The Passing Score On The SAS Certified Exam?

SAS and Pearson VUE jointly conducted this test, which contained 40 to 45 multiple-choice and short-answer inquiries. It takes 135 minutes to finish the exam. The passing grade is 725 (a scoring range of 200 to 1,000 points).

What Is The SAS Failure Rate?

Selection takes around five months and comprises several rounds, and each is meant to break down each applicant and push them past their limits and beyond. It is possibly why the training course has an incredible 90% failure rate.

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