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Are you able to scale Jira for any size technology or business team, manage worldwide and project authorizations, and adjust schemes and workflows? If this characterizes you, the Jira Administrator Exam for Data Center and Server (ACP-100) exam is all you need to pass. This test will teach you about JIRA, one of the most used platforms for organizing projects and software development.

In addition to knowing how to pass the Jira Project Administrator (ACP-100) for the Data Center and Server exam, we will cover all of the essential aspects, including test information, formats, subjects, and necessary study resources.

Jira Administrators exploit the Jira user interface to administer, customize, and configure Jira. ACP-100 Jira project administrator Exam Certification can enhance Jira for any expansion or business team. Despite ACP-600 Project Administration on Jira Server, the exam prep course directs you to what you need to study rather than what material you need to know, i.e., it provides you with the questions you ought to be able to answer rather than the answers themselves.

Continue reading this blog to learn more amazing facts, a step-by-step guide to excel in the ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam, and much more.

About ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam

The ACP-100 Jira Project Administrator for Data Center and Server Accreditation exam covers the knowledge and abilities necessary to install and manage a Jira project administrator Data Center or Server to service any development or business team. A Jira Administration for Data Centers and Server Qualification acknowledges those who:

  • Can interpret and translate commercial requirements into product configurations.
  • Understand Jira regarding Data Center and Server-specific features as well as administrative responsibilities.
  • Understand how to use the system settings of the user interface, such as workflows, safety, permissions, field, and screen customization.
  • Understand how administrative decisions affect Jira’s safety, flexibility, and daily management.
  • You may leverage Atlassian’s community and tools to help your team apply best practices in Jira.

Earning the certificate will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge in the following areas:

  • Product configurations are created by interpreting and translating business needs.
  • The user interface provides access to Jira-specific features and management duties for Data Center and Server processes, security, authorizations, field and panel customization, and system settings.
  • Administrative decisions influencing Jira’s security, scalability, and ease of use
  • Using Atlassian tools and the Atlassian community to establish best practices inside Jira

How Hard is the ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam?

The ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam requires thoroughly mastering Jira’s administrative elements. Its complexity is frequently determined by an individual’s experience, expertise, and preparedness for interacting with Jira software.

Candidates are assessed on various subjects, including user administration, permissions, project settings, problem kinds, procedures, and schemes. Those with expertise in these areas might find the exam easier to pass.

Preparation is essential. Hands-on experience and in-depth study of Jira’s administrative tasks via official paperwork, tutorials, practice examinations, and training courses considerably improve success prospects.

Furthermore, sample tests and real-world use of Jira’s administrative chores can assist candidates in becoming acquainted with the exam style and the questions they may face.

Individuals can eventually pass the ACP-100 Jira project administrator Exam with devotion and careful study, demonstrating their skill in Jira management.

Benefits of ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam?

You may use this qualification to:

  • Differentiate yourself and stick out as a high performer.
  • Optimize Atlassian solutions for your teams so that they can perform at their best
  • Be an essential Atlassian representative, and increase your reputation with your bosses and coworkers.
  • Allow new possibilities and growth on your work path to come your way.
  • Discover new ways to use your favorite Atlassian tools.

Perquisites for the ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam

Here are the following perquisites you must know to pass the Jira project administrator Exam:

  • Create, translate, criticize, and improve JQL queries responding to a business need.
  • Show the advantages and recommendations for setting group subscriptions
  • Describe the outcomes and consequences of a bulk change operation.
  • Describe the prerequisites and outcomes of a CSV import.
  • Choose a suitable notification scheme/configuration that includes events.
  • Investigate a notification scheme/configuration that includes events.
  • Determine and troubleshoot the proper installation of an Incoming Mail server.

ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam Details


ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam
ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam

Here are the exam details for the Jira Project administrator exam:

  • Exam Name: Jira Administration for Data Center and Server Certification
  • Exam Code: ACP-100
  • Exam Duration: 3 hours
  • Passing Score: 54%
  • Exam Fee: $249 USD + Tax
  • Number of Questions: Up to 85
  • Exam Type: Online
  • Exam Validity: 24 Months (2 Years)

ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam Course Outline

Jira Administrator (ACP-100)  for Data Center and Server test topics include:

  • Advanced User Function
  • Setting Global Preferences, Layout, Designs, and User Communication
  • Application and Project Permissions and Access
  • Configuration of the Overall Project
  • Security and Authentication
  • Workflows for Issue Categories, Fields, and Screens
  • Configuring Notifications and Email
  • Administration of Jira
  • Managing and Extending Jira

How do you prepare for the ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam?


ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam
ACP-100 Jira Administrator Exam

This study guide is a collection of purposes and resources to assist you in preparing for the ACP-100 Atlassian Jira Administrator for Data Center and Server exam. The Sample Queries will assist you in determining the kind and level of difficulty of the questions. At the same time, the Practice Exams will familiarize you with the layout and setting of an exam. Before taking the Atlassian Jira Administrator certified test, you should read this material thoroughly.

The Jira for Atlassian Data Center and Server Administration certificate is primarily aimed at applicants looking to advance their careers in the Data Center and Server area. The Certified Professional – Jira Project Administrator (ACP-100) exam certifies that the applicant has core knowledge and demonstrated abilities in Atlassian Jira Admin.

Here are the tips on how you can prepare for the Jira administrator Exam:

  1. Read Official Guide

Approach the Jira Project Administrator-certified test subjects from a variety of perspectives. For instance, if you have a small company with a few projects and users, you should consider how a huge organization with dozens of projects and hundreds of users might approach an issue.

If your company employs the server version, consider how a strategy would alter in the cloud version. Consider instances that do not apply to your business but are typical in others. Consider elements of the program that aren’t quite perfect and how you’d improve them.   It is not sufficient to understand the complexities of your application; you must also grasp how Jira is typically supposed to be configured.

  1. Recognize the Exam Topic Areas

Understanding the essential ideas and regions utilizing the exam subjects is critical for the Jira Administrator (ACP-100) Exam. Exam objectives might aid in your study and comprehension of the differences. The following topics are covered in the Jira Administrator (ACP-100) Exam:

  • Advanced User Function
  • Setting Global Preferences, Layout, Architecture, and User Communication
  • Application and Project Permissions and Access
  • Configuration of the Overall Project
  • Security and Authentication
  • Workflows for Issue Types, Fields, and Displays
  • Configuring Notifications and Email
  • Administration of Jira
  • Managing and Extending Jira
  1. Use the Jira Administrator Learning Path to get started.

Atlassian University’s training programs are an excellent location to start your preparation. Begin with the Jira project administrator learning route. This learning path is intended to show Jira Administrators the necessary course of study for passing a certification exam in this critical profession.

Fundamentals Course

These programs are meant to be taken in the sequence that follows and should be completed during your initial six months to one year in managing Jira:

  • Jira Administration Part 1: Course

This course is recommended for new Jira project administrators supervising Jira Software, Jira Service Administration, or Jira Work Management. This course is recommended for customers of data centers, servers, and the cloud. You will learn:

  • How to start a new Jira account for your business.
  • Jira administrators should be familiar with essential duties and best practices.
  • How to manage projects, control users, and set permissions.


  • Topics:

  • Using Jira to Map Your Business
  • Setting up Issue Types, Fields, and Screens
  • Creating Custom Workflow
  • Setting Up Board and Sprint Permissions
  • Introducing New Configurations into Projects

Before participating in this course, we recommend you finish Jira Essentials Using an Agile Mindset or have equivalent Jira experience.

  • Jira Fundamentals with an Agile Mindset: Course

This hands-on training session provides a solid foundation for developing an agile mindset. Jira is a platform for putting agile concepts into action and explaining agile concepts and practices.

This training is critical since using agile methods and instruments without understanding the “why” can result in unproductive teams and processes. This course is recommended for anybody new to Jira and interested in agile principles and practices. You will learn

  • Use Jira to organize, identify, and report on your work.
  • How to configure Jira to work with your team’s agile methodologies
  • Agile concepts and techniques.


  • Topics:


  • Overview of Agile and Jira
  • Boards of Directors for Projects
  • Issues Should Be Improved
  • The Kanban Method
  • Principles of Lean and Agile
  • Scrum
  • Searching
  • JQL
  • Filters
  • Epics
  • Dashboards
  • Putting Everything Together
  1. Take Practice Exams

Taking practice examinations to develop and level up your preparedness is critical. You may analyze yourself and find your areas of strengths and weaknesses with the aid of these tests. However, The most significant step is obtaining the greatest Jira Administrator (ACP-100) practice exams. Several websites offer unique exam practice tests for the Jira Administrator (ACP-100) Exam. However, preparing to achieve the best practice exams would be best.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I Ace The Acp-100 Exam?

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What Is The Location Of The Acp-100 Exam Questions?

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Where Can I Obtain the ACP-100 Practice Test?

Most individuals perform a Google search and receive meaningless text files and PDFs with questions copied from manuals, wrong answers, and outdated test versions.


If you have the Jira project administrator (ACP-100) certification, your business will grow, and your recruitment and promotion prospects will improve. In other words, there is now a lot greater demand for jobs that require this certification. As a result, passing the Jira Administrator (ACP-100) Exam may open up many opportunities and assist you in pursuing your preferred career path.

As a result, it is essential to study attentively and expand one’s knowledge. Using the information provided above, you may access several helpful materials, expertise, training, and practice examinations to assist you in passing the exam. Make a note of it, stick to your study plan, get adequate rest, and pass the exam.

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