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Certified Supply Chain Professional
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Supply chain management or SCM experts are essential in possessing or keeping goods and services’ international or native supply chain blooming. The most stringent requirement for being an effective worker in this industry is Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification.

As the number of capable professionals raises, so does the level of opposition. Practically every professional field offers global-level certification programs to help you distinguish from the hive. The certified supply chain professional (CSCP) is no exception.

Furthermore, such expert credentials are necessary for getting practical abilities for conduct the supply chain, an indispensable element of any association. If you’re hoping to get a significant raise or a better career in a supply-chain business, look into APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification. We all know that supply chain management (SCM) is central to any business that holders its goods and services. Therefore, becoming a Certified Supply Chain Professional or CSCP is an excellent idea, as there is considerable global demand for CSCP professionals.

You must know that no matter where you find yourself in the Supply Chain, this accreditation certainly will assist you in obtaining an even more significant comprehension of entire supply chain responsibilities.

With a Master’s degree in the field of supply chain management and three years of work experience in the sector, we can safely state that APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional has provided you with an in-depth comprehension of multi-functional Supply Chain procedures and concepts.

Moreover, as per APICS in the 2019 SCM salary survey, individuals with an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification reported an average salary of 24.9% higher than those without this credential.

Keep reading the informative blog to learn more about APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification and its fundamental benefits.

What is APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification?

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional credential is an internationally cherished or recognized certification in the supply chain management field. APICS (Association for Supply Chain Management), or ASCM, is the leading authority introducing this certification.

The APICS-certified CSCP is an international certification that makes SCM or supply chain management experts to get astonishing corporate visions, which sets them away from each other from other non-certified entities. The CSCP certification will make you to efficiently supervise and manage the supply chain networks of an association to update and rationalize business processes and assist in growing business profitability to another level.

It gives the candidate a better considerate of the worldwide supply chain than insider processes. After passing the exam, you can picture the complete supply chain, from the item’s supplier to the company operations, to the final client, and back again.

The entire process of supply chain operations is quite challenging. After completing the CSCP accreditation curriculum and learning sections, you will have the necessary skills for managing and integrating supply chain operations.

Businesses today are solely interested in hiring supply chain experts who can immediately offer value to the organization after joining the team. Having the CSCP certification indicates to an employer that you’re properly qualified.

Is APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification Worth it?

Based on the corporation, APICS CSCP-certified professionals earn 21% higher salaries than non-certified colleagues. As a result, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or seeking advancement, the most extraordinary CSCP certification could assist you in advancing in your profession. Supply Chains, Demand Administration and Forecasting, Worldwide Supply Chain Systems, Sourcing Items and Services, internal operations along with Inventory, Onward and Inverse Logistics and Transportation, Supply Chain Connections, Supply Chain Potential and Efficiency, Sustainable Development, and Technology are among the topics covered in the APICS certified CSCP program’s execution.

Advantages of Getting Supply Chain Professional Certification

The CSCP certificate, like any other professional accreditation, takes a dedicated effort from applicants; yet, many might question if this credential is worthwhile all of the challenging work and time. Keep reading to learn more about the compensations of CSCP authorization and the career options presented by this superior-standard specialized designation.

  1. Candidates Must Stay Knowledgeable and up-to-date on Current Developments.

To obtain the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification, you must first study several topics related to the successful leadership of supply networks. It includes remaining current on the up-to-date supply chain growths and approaches and supply chain hazards. Furthermore, owing to their capacity to grasp the larger context and how everything in the supply chain operates APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification bearers can comprehend the requirements of the whole supply chain.

Candidates may then improve corporate operations to satisfy those expectations most effectively, thanks to this talent, which is taught via the CSCP curriculum. With the number of skills and information the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification delivers to its registered prospective employees, it is unsurprising that this accreditation has many additional benefits.

  1. Better Employment and Higher Pay

Another advantage of the CSCP accreditation is increased pay along with access to superior employment in the professional sector. According to studies, those with the CSCP accreditation earn around 20.8% more than those without the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certificate. This is reasonable, given the diverse skill set of CSCP certificate bearers. As previously stated, supply chain management is highly crucial in modern society.

As a result, gaining the highest conceivable certification in the field of supply chain management (SCM), namely the CSCP credential, communicates the extensiveness of your talents to possible businesses, providing applicants with access to more noteworthy work chances. This also designates that the candidates are more likely to get endorsed within their company and earn a higher compensation.

  1. Reputation and Prestige

Obtaining a degree regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in Supply Chain Management contributes to the applicant’s sense of status and admiration among peers and coworkers. In addition, learning for the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional curriculum entails meeting with expert teachers and seasoned supply chain management experts. It will boost networking chances and the possibility of future work partnerships among specialists in the identical field. Aspirants can grow their standing through connections and a vast range of talents due to all these potential linkages.

  1. Make Yourself an Authoritative Figure in The Company You Work for.

In addition to the advantages listed above, the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Credential assists certified supply chain professionals or CSCPs in becoming pioneers in their fields. The course curriculum teaches learners to link supply chain goals with business strategy while focusing on ongoing enhancement and operations planning. As a result, the instructional syllabus provides learners with managerial concepts pertinent to the supply chain, preparing them to undertake leadership positions in the firm they work for.

The following are some of the additional benefits of holding a CSCP certification:

  • You will be familiar with Supply Chain Management technical terms.
  • You grasp the most effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) techniques and are recognized as a practitioner with highly specialized, high-level understanding.
  • You stay updated on supply chain developments and can efficiently improve operations while introducing novel concepts to the workplace.
  • You gain skills in managing international supply chain operations, including vendors, traders, and consumers.
  • It will almost certainly land you better job possibilities and provide you an advantage over individuals who do not have an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional accreditation.

What is the Supply Chain Professional Certification Exam?


Supply Chain Professional Certification Exam
Supply Chain Professional Certification Exam

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional exam establishes and upholds supply chain optimal procedures and standards. The Accredited Supply Chain Specialist (CSCP) certification is the gold benchmark for supply chain professionals. This certification aims to educate supply chain managers who will ultimately be in control of improving processes and supply chain advancements in their organizations, giving them an advantage over others.

Exam Details

The exam has 150 queries (130 practical and 20 are pretest), and you’ll have three hours and fifteen minutes to finish it.

Pretesting topics do not count toward the total mark but are solely required for statistical reasons and given randomly during the exam. Applicants must respond to all exam questions.

The CSCP test has a score range of 200 to 350 points. Marks of 300 or more are deemed passing, while scores of 299 or lower are considered failing.

Exams are scored utilizing an average score system. This strategy ensures that passing requirements remain unchanged even though the difficulty of each exam varies from one level to the next. The exam is only available in the English (US) language only.

Exam Pricing

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification has a different pricing structure in NA (North America) and outside the NA (North America):

North US. Outside North US.
$695 for PLUS Members $1050 for PLUS Members
$965 for CORE Members $1300 for CORE Members
$965 for Non-members $1300 for Non-members


Exam Domains

The APICS CSCP Examination Content Manual (ECM) includes eight learning courses and online study resources. The whole material is geared toward providing a more comprehensive picture of the beginning supply chain management SCM from a global standpoint.

Here are the domain subjects you must master to succeed in the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification exam. The topics additionally demonstrate some essential learnings that you should go over.

  • Domain 1: Demand Management, Supply Chains and Predicting
  • Creating a visual representation of supply chain architecture, flows, and relationships
  • Distinguishing between supply chain maturity stages
  • Product assortment administration
  • Domain 2: Global Supply Chain Networks
  • Establishing the supply chain system and creating the incident chain
  • Making use of supply chain connections and technology
  • Forming inter-organizational and inter-functional supply chain partnerships
  • Securing core supply chain metadata
  • Domain 3: Seeking Products and Services
  • Designing an approach to sourcing
  • Understanding the Buyer-Supplier Connection
  • Domain 4: Internal Processes and Inventory
  • Production scheduling and oversight
  • Inventory control
  • Domain 5: Inbound and Return Transportation
  • Management of warehouses and logistics
  • Waste management and logistical reversal
  • Domain 6: Supply Chain Connections
  • Vendors, providers, additional partners, and customers are classified.
  • Using client relationship management (CRM) with supplier relationship management, or SRM, software
  • Domain 6: Supply Chain Risk
  • Data collection on prevalent supply chain risks
  • Choosing, assessing, and reacting to hazards
  • Domain 8: Optimization, Sustainable Development, and Technology
  • Developing best practices
  • Applying the concepts of sustainability
  • Introducing new technology

How Difficult is the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam?


APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam
APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam

APICS is a non-profit international association and granting organization in supply chain management that provides expert instruction and certifications. The APICS-certified CSCP test is relatively hard but not extremely difficult. You must clear one test covering three courses to obtain your Supply Chain Professional Certification exam

qualifications. Each component represents an essential aspect of supply chain management.

  • Section 1: Supply Chain Organization
  • Section 2: Strategy and Execution of the Supply Chain
  • Section 3: Supply Chain Enhancement and Recommended Practices

Pattern of the APICS CSCP exam:

  • Online, computer-based examination
  • Exam with Multiple Choice Questions the CSCP exam consists of 150 inquiries (130 practical and 20 pretests) and lasts 3.5 hours. APICS CSCP Exam Schedule 3 Windows Inspection: March to May, the months of July and August, December and January APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional qualification specifications:

A bachelor’s degree or a comparable one is required. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional test can be difficult, but the advantages are substantial after you pass it.

What is CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional Salary?

Companies place a high value and confidence in the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification. The supply chain professionals can earn around $57,000 and $185,000 per year, based on the 2023 Supply Chain Income and Employment Study for the United States. On the other hand, an ordinary worker without a credential makes roughly $75,500 per year.

With the CSCP authorization, you may earn an average annual salary of $95,000, 25% higher than non-certified individuals. Furthermore, APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification occasionally pays you a forty percent boost over the average wage.

In addition to the salary rise, you can anticipate improved incentive payouts, profit-sharing opportunities, increased cash bonuses, and overtime compensation.

What is APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Validity?

The CSCP accreditation is a life-long achievement. However, you must engage in particular educational events to gain professional growth management (PDM) points. You have to provide 75 PDMs in a five-year period. If you are an APICS fellow, you have to submit a score of 100 every five years.

Sign in to your APICS website and navigate to the My Profile page to determine if you are overdue for any forthcoming certification upkeep. To apply, go to the Credential Maintenance website. APICS users pay $100, while outsiders pay $200.

The position will expire if you do not complete the scheduled activities within 90 days.

Perquisites for the Supply Chain Professional Certification

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional is an expert qualification; thus, anyone can take the exam. To obtain authorized for testing (ATT) status through APICS, you must meet one of these qualifying criteria:

  • Experience working in the supply chain as a staff member or as a company owner
  • Have an undergraduate degree in the United States or its foreign equivalent.
  • Have a valid CSM, CPIM, CIRM, CPIM-F, CPM, CPSM, CLTD, SCOR-P, CLTD-F, or CTL accreditation.

How Long Will It Take to Complete CSCP Certification?

You can prepare for the CSCP exam through self-study or classroom training. The CSCP certification process will take approximately 76-100 hours to finish. Everyone has different levels of expertise and capacity for learning, but the CSCP learning time should span at least 3 months.

CSCP Vs. CPIM Which is Better?

Certifications such as the CPIM or CSCP can assist individuals to improve in their jobs. A professional company’s certification provides businesses with concrete verification of knowledge and expertise. CPIM or CSCP-accredited professionals can use their qualifications to gain advancements and increased pay.

While CPIM accreditation may be beneficial initially in a professional’s employment, more experienced personnel might consider obtaining CSCP certification. It is important to note that accreditation does not guarantee an employment title or income. Employees should discuss with their present or prospective employers how obtaining a certification will help them develop in their professions.

Tips for APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam


 APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam
APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Exam

Create a study plan, enhance your test-taking performance, and feel more at ease on exam day. You must have to relax on the exam day if you want to pass the CSCP exam in one attempt. You must follow the tips to take the certification exam. Here is the significant information you can follow to pass the CSCP certification exam:

  1. Select your CSCP Study Style

Select the perfect learning style for you from independent study, instructor-led, instructor-supported, or a mix. To get ready for the exam, every one of the study techniques makes use of the CSCP Training System.

  1. Schedule Your CSCP Exam

APICS exams are administered through computerized testing at the Pearson V.U.E. testing facilities worldwide and online via the OnVue platform.

Pearson VUE will follow the rules of the federal US citizens with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 USC Article 12101 et seq.) and Title VII for the Public Rights Act of 1964, as modified (42 USC 2000e in seq.) in helping prospective employees who require special accommodations to take an exam due to a disability or religious beliefs. If additional test accessibility is required, candidates must follow the directions in the Pearson Vue site’s Testing Modifications section before booking their exam. If authorized, these services will be given at no extra cost.

  1. Study Well for the CSCP Exam

Make a study schedule. We suggest 100 hours of studying on average to complete every accreditation exam. Use the online educational system’s lessons and assessments, and engage with other members in the ASCM Group individually or electronically. You can additionally study the Supply Chain Professional Exam Dumps to pass the exam faster.

  1. Attempt the Exam

Maintain calm and attention throughout the exam while employing every minute allocated to finish it. If the first few queries stump you, mark them to review and continue till you find something you can respond to confidently. Before completing the exam, read it attentively and recheck your answers.

  1. Buy and Plan Your CSCP Exam

Please don’t put off purchasing and scheduling your APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional exam unless it is at the last second. Plan your exam schedule to coincide with the end of your exam preparation so that the knowledge is still vivid in your mind.

  1. Take a Proper Nap Before the Exam

The exam is lengthy (225 minutes) and has many problems (150 questions). Prepare to utterly tiredness your brain; therefore, get sufficient rest and eat adequate calories to be ready to sit there and utilize your brain for a long time.

  1. Utilize the Method of Elimination

Unexpectedly, it works in this case! We saw that 80% of the queries had only two options, which could have been quickly deleted. Once both of these options are eliminated, it is far simpler to select the correct response from the two that remain.


So far, you are halfway through a comprehensive examination regarding APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional accreditation. Aside from exam details, employment opportunities, and CSCP exam topics, the article also addressed some critical learning courses that can make a difference.

Examine the above-mentioned online instruction and mock exam resource links and join up for the course that best fits the way you are studying.

Because you work in supply chain administration, the term warehousing is indissolubly linked to your job. Comment below if you find any difficulty concerning the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional exam. Our professional team will try their best to assist you in the best possible way!

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