AWS Certified Solutions Architects: Amazon Professional certification 2022

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AWS Certified Solutions Architects-Professional certification: The guide to building complicated AWS solutions:

The world’s most famous and widely operated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provides AWS certification, a credential issued to demonstrate that an individual has detailed learning, skills, or capabilities. A professional AWS architect is somebody capable of evaluating your organization’s necessities and making architectural suggestions for executing and deploying applications on AWS. Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification demands advanced technical skills and knowledge in developing AWS-based applications.

It is the ideal course for you if you are an engineer, consultant, administrator, or architect who desires to be acquainted with AWS. At AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, you will discover and learn advanced design codes such as combined billing strategies. You will learn about AWS cross-account access and various methods to link to AWS. Ultimately, you will learn about data management, directory services, analytics, and much more. By the time you finish this course, you will hold the skills and understanding you need to create advanced implementations using various AWS services securely. You will be prepared for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Exam.

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The CSA-Pro, more commonly known as AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification exam, not only tests your thorough knowledge of the AWS platform but also delves into your capability to make judgments in indefinite circumstances, handle suboptimal trade-offs, and prompt minutes. It is all carefully prepared to be named a Professional-Level Certified Solutions Architect exclusively for those with a genuinely multi-dimensional proficiency in cloud architecture.

AWS Certified Solutions Architects Professional credentials aspire to be solution design engineers, solution architects, and technical professionals who want to devise systems and applications on AWS. Having this certification testifies to the capacity to develop and deploy highly available, dynamically scalable, resilient, and trustworthy applications on AWS. They also validate the power to select the right AWS service to set up and deploy your application based on your specific needs. These certifications validate the ability to develop enterprise-wide operations and expertise in resettling complicated multi-tiered applications on AWS. In the past, one was required to pass the Associate-level certification before seeking the Professional-level certification. Yet, in 2018, AWS modified the rules, and an individual can now pursue the Professional-level certificate without having an Associate-level certification. The exam format is simple; you must solve multiple-choice or multiple-answer questions within 170 minutes. The price for taking this exam is 300 USD. Below is the breakdown of the exam’s components:

1. High availability and business continuity makes up 15% of the total weightage
2. Costing makes up 6% of the total weightage
3. Deployment Management makes up 10% of the total weightage
4. Network Design makes up 10% of the total weightage
5. Data Storage makes up 15% of the total weightage
6. Security makes up 19% of the total weightage
7. Scalability and Elasticity makes up 15% of the total weightage
8. Cloud migration and hybrid architecture make up 10% of the total weightage.

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Now coming to how difficult is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam is. The AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification is so tough that it is almost unimaginable to pass. The exam syllabus is extended and includes a broad range of ideas and subjects concerning cloud computing. This exam tests a candidate’s grit, perseverance, brilliance, memory, and planning capability.

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam prompts candidates to make significant efforts and surpass their limitations. Rare exams sharpen candidates like this one, and the exam failure rate is agreeably beyond 72%, which is a daunting number. This indicates that less than 28% of the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam candidates have successfully passed it. This statistic demonstrates how complex the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is. If you desire to become an AWS Solutions Architect Associate, you must take this exam. It is now straightforward compared to the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam.

The recommended AWS Professional certification knowledge is stated below:

● More than two years of work background in developing and deploying cloud architectures on AWS
● Map business objectives to an application or architectural necessities
● Capacity to assess cloud application necessities and create architectural guidance for application deployment, execution, and provisioning on AWS
● Design ongoing integration and deployment techniques
● Power to deliver best practice direction on architectural design across numerous enterprise applications and projects.
● Acquainted with scripting languages, Windows, and Linux environments
● Describe and implement the five posts of the AWS Well-Architected structure
● Devise a hybrid architecture employing directing AWS technologies like AWS Direct Connect.
● Aware of AWS APIs, AWS CLI, AWS Cloud Formation templates, AWS Management Console, and AWS Billing Console.

As noted beforehand, the exam syllabus is quite huge, with eight learning disciplines. They are all vast, full of complex and obscure topics regarding the AWS platform. Candidates must devote themselves sufficiently and study hard to cover the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam syllabus. Some disciplines of the syllabus test the candidate’s theoretical understanding, whereas others test the candidate’s practical learning and capabilities. Therefore, candidates must possess adequate memory and knowledge of AWS practical skills and the theoretical concepts needed for the AWS platform. We have a few recommendations for you that you should know before taking the exam.

1. Read many AWS white papers filled with meaningful information. Reading them is a helpful method for candidates to become acquainted with the ambiguous representations of the AWS platform. The white paper also illustrates many advanced concepts about the cloud computing sector.
2. Enlighten yourself with the contents of the syllabus as the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification exam has a vast syllabus that is far past your imagination. The syllabus has multiple areas of learning. It includes very avant-garde concepts and subjects concerning the cloud computing sector. It is wise to understand the syllabus before preparing for the exam thoroughly. In this way, candidates can conceive a thorough preparatory plan that covers all the questions on the exam.
3. Try as many sample papers as you possibly can. Sample paper needs to be an integral part of a candidates’ preparation method. He should attempt as many sample papers as possible before taking the exam instead of satisfying one or two of them.

There are many reasons why the above tips are conisberable. The first one is that candidates can become accustomed to the test patterns by attempting the sample papers. In this way, they will be considerably more confident in taking the exam as they have finished identical exams before. The other reason is to try the sample paper. The queries asked in the actual exam are frequently similar to the candidate’s questions in the sample exam.

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