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PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam
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It is crucial for anybody wishing to increase their knowledge and reputation in the DELL EMC area to pass the DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family exam. Prior to beginning the preparation process, it is essential to comprehend the format and subject matter of the test. Candidates’ knowledge and proficiency in topics including DELL EMC technologies, ideas, and best practices are assessed on the DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam. Multiple-choice queries, simulations, and hands-on activities are used to evaluate students’ theoretical understanding and practical application.

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What is the PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam?

This PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Exam examines the skills and information required to describe PowerMax &VMAX All Flash arrays and to evaluate, understand, and interpret their performance. In compliance with all Flash Security Concepts, employ SRDF for non-disruptive migrations to PowerMax and VMAX all-flash arrays, metro remedies, and three-site remote replication.

They will have the ability to set up, diagnose, and fine-tune these outstanding performance storage solutions, guaranteeing the best possible data availability, flexibility, and security for their company with the PowerMax & VMAX Family exam certification. They may become recognized authorities in their area by passing this test, which includes subjects such as disaster recovery planning, virtual provisioning, and data replication.

Also referred to as the Expert – PowerMax and VMAX, the DEE-1111, Like other examinations, all Flash Solutions provide Dell some latitude to cover a wide range of topics. It implies that because they test randomly on a large pool of people, understanding much of the material covered in DEE-1111 is necessary. Remember that experience criteria are frequently in place because of what has been observed in the ordinary individual. It might take a little more effort, but you can always push past that hurdle and succeed with the DEE-1111.

The Specialist for Implementation Engineer, PowerMax, and VMAX Family Systems (DCS-IE) track qualifies with this exam. The management of PowerMax & VMAX Family exam array setup and business continuity in open systems settings is the main subject of this test. It also covers non-disruptive migration (NDM) to VMAX and PowerMax family arrays. Using SYMCLI and Unisphere for PowerMax, administering configuration modifications, TimeFinder SnapVX, SRDF, and NDM are evaluated.

Employers and customers will acknowledge their capacity to fully utilize PowerMax & VMAX family exam systems, resulting in enhanced storage efficiency and performance. For IT experts looking to advance their careers or for novices hoping to make their mark in the field, the DEE-1111 test is essential for opening doors to new prospects and having a big influence on the storage structure of their company.

PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam Domain Topics

Here are the domains for the PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Exam in 2024:

  1. Workshop for PowerMax & VMAX All Flash Performance (39%)

  • Explain the PowerMax & VMAX All Flash systems’ architecture in terms of performance.
  • List and describe the best standards for PowerMax and VMAX All Flash array design for optimum performance.
  • Define the process for performance analysis and connect performance metrics to I/O activities.
  • Describe workload profiles and characteristics, as well as Little’s Law’s consequences.
  • Carry out administrative duties connected to performance:
  • Keep an eye on PowerMax and VMAX efficiency. Manage evaluations, load data into the offline performance viewer, and oversee all Flash arrays
  • Frontend directors’ performance analysis: find pertinent metrics, look into, and resolve performance problems
  • Examination of cache and backend director performance: Determine pertinent measurements, look into, and resolve performance problems
  • Identify and discuss the performance concerns for SRDF and TimeFinder SnapVX.
  1. Concepts of Flash Security for PowerMax and VMAX (18%)

  • Explain how PowerMax and VMAX handle exposure to data security risks and the avoidance of unauthorized change control activities. Every Flash array
  • Explain how the data on the PowerMax & VMAX is stored. Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE) may be used to protect any Flash array. This can influence system administration and operations.
  • Create, implement, and oversee role-based access control and authentication procedures for PowerMax’s Solutions Enabler and Unisphere.
  • Develop, put into practice, and oversee host-based access restrictions for VMAX and PowerMax all-flash systems.
  1. All Flash Multi-site SRDF Solutions with PowerMax and VMAX (20%)

  • Give a summary of SRDF solutions for several sites.
  • Explain how to set up R22, concurrent, and transmitted SRDF devices as well as dual personality RDF devices.
  • Name and explain the SRDF technologies (SRDF/S uniformity, SRDF/A multi-session uniformity, and unique SDDF and SRDF characteristics) that enable SRDF/Star.
  • Explain how to handle activities in both normal and fault circumstances, as well as concurrent and transmitted SRDF/Star failure scenarios.
  1. Metro Solutions/PowerMax and VMAX All Flash SRDF (13%)

  • Describe the advantages of SRDF/Metro.
  • Put in place SRDF/Metro
  • Describe how to reach devices using SRDF/Metro.
  • Describe the advantages of SRDF/Metro Smart DR.
  1. Migration (NDM) Non-Disruptive to PowerMax & VMAX Family (10%)

  • Explain the Non-Disruptive Migration of a VMAX All Flash Array to a PowerMax or VMAX All Flash Array.
  • Use the metro-based setting. Non-disruptive migration employing the SYMCLI or Unisphere for PowerMax
  • When utilizing the SYMCLI or Unisphere for VMAX, do a non-disruptive transfer.

The percentages following each of the topics, as mentioned earlier, show how the whole set of questions for the test is roughly distributed.

PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam Details


Below, you can find the DES-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family Solutions exam details, which you must know before taking the real exam in 2024:

  • Exam Name: Expert – PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions
  • Exam Code: DES-1111
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60 (54 MCQs & 6 Simulation Questions)
  • Passing Score: 63%

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PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam Sample Questions

Here are the sample questions for the Power & VMAX family exam. It would be best if you had an idea before buying our premium PDF preparation file in 2024:

Question 1:

A business intends to use SRDF/Star. Right now, SRDF/S is being used to connect their two data centers. In the event that the original site fails, it plans to have at least two identical copies of its data stored in a third data center.

What prerequisites must be met in order for the third location to link to the first two?

  1. The maximum distance is 200 kilometers.
  2. There is a 40 ms maximum latency.
  3. The connection has to be able to transfer the RPO’s delta set inside the business’s RTO.
  4. Any connection that may send data with a maximum delay of fifteen seconds

Question 2:

PowerMaxOS 5978.444.444 is operating on a three-brick PowerMax 8000. Flash drives mounted in RAID 5 (7+1) are used in the system. The client wants to use SCM drives to increase capacity.

What is the supported minimal configuration?

  1. RAID 5 (7+1) applied to one brick at a time
  2. Add one RAID 5 (7+1) to every brick.
  3. RAID 5 (7+1) added twice to the brick one
  4. Each brick has three RAID 5 (7+1) added to it.

Question 3:

An administrator has applied a custom SSL certificate. Default certificates are used for each client connection that is established.

Which action has to be taken?

  1. Control server certificate updates
  2. Relaunch the storsrvd
  3. Enable wildcards in security certificates
  4. SVMCFQ finds

Question 4:

PowerMax SRDF device pairs can be added, removed, and managed by the user. Additionally, they have access to the configured RBAC rules, masking objects, array information, and device information. They cannot, however, add or remove SRDF groupings.

Which RBAC profile is linked to the profile of the user?

  1. Security Administrator alone
  2. Manage Devices and Auditor
  3. Only Use Remote Rep
  4. Monitor and Local Rep

Question 5:

The setup of SRDF/Metro is clustered hosts. The R1 side may read and write to the program in full, and the RDF connection state is divided.

What condition is the R2 device in?

  1. Isn’t prepared for the host
  2. Is limited to reading the application
  3. Bias is used
  4. Has complete read-and-write access to the application


Those who wish to further their careers in the PowerMax and VMAX All Flash domains are the primary audience for the DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam certification. The test for DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam Solutions confirms that the applicant has the necessary background knowledge and experience in Dell EMC DCE. This test evaluates your ability to use SRDF using the three-site remote replication, Metro solutions, non-disruptive transfers to PowerMax and VMAX All Flash arrays, analyze and comprehend the performance of PowerMax &VMAX All Flash arrays, and articulate PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Security Concepts.

The validity of this Dell Technologies PowerMax & VMAX Family exam is for three years. During those three years, the credential is regarded as valid. For further details, please denote to the rules and regulations document found on the Dell EMC Proven Professional website. Certification standards are updated frequently by the Proven Professional Program. Comment below if you have any queries about the DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family exam certification, and get the best response from our professional team accordingly!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many parts are there in the DEE-1111 Exam?

There are a total of 2 parts for the PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam. Part one contains 54 MCQ questions, and you have 90 minutes to answer them all. Also, you must score 60% or above marks to pass this part. However, the second part contains only 6 simulation questions, and you have only 30 minutes to answer them all. Moreover, you must score at least 66% or above to pass this part.

What is the DEE-1111 Exam?

This test evaluates the knowledge and abilities needed to evaluate and comprehend PowerMax and VMAX performance. PowerMax and VMAX articulated All Flash arrays. Use SRDF for three-site distant replication and metro solution for all Flash Security Concepts.

How Many Questions are in Total for the DEE-1111 Exam?

There are a total of 60 questions in the DEE-1111 PowerMax & VMAX Family Exam, from which 54 are multiple-choice questions and the other 6 are simulation questions.

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