The 2 Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification exams explained-How to Become an Azure Architect?

Microsoft azure
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Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification exams

Microsoft Azure is a platform that allows users to participate in elegant cloud computing and is designed to build and manipulate applications through Microsoft data centers. There are many tools within the forum that you can use to improve your IT performance dramatically. Because of its flexibility, even official Azure procedures can be incoherent and challenging to comprehend. As a basic description, Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is Microsoft’s operating system for cloud computing. Microsoft released the operational plan commercially on February 1, 2010.

It was designed to minimize ongoing expenses and simplify IT management processes, undoubtedly impacting the market. Microsoft Azure, previously called Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s public cloud computing forum. It delivers various cloud services that include computing, networking, analytics, and storage. Users can select from these services to create and mount the latest applications or drive existing applications in the public cloud. The Azure platform strives to assist companies in managing challenges and meeting their corporate objectives. Because Microsoft Azure consists of multiple service offerings, its use cases are remarkably myriad.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud provider. Azure revenue grew an incredible 76% in the last quarter of 2018. As more and more companies move their IT infrastructure to the Microsoft cloud platform, the demand for Azure professionals continues to rise. Since there are moderately fewer people with comprehensive Azure understanding, many employers depend on certifications as a piece of evidence that a candidate has the required knowledge and aptitudes.

Microsoft Certified Azure solutions architect exams:

To earn the Azure Solutions Architect certification, you must pass two exams: AZ-300 and AZ-301. You do not need to give any associate-level exams before taking these. The AZ-300 exam concentrates on Azure technologies, whereas the AZ-301 exam concentrates on design.

The 2 Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification exams explained: How to Become an Azure Architect?

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies: AZ-300

Prospects for this exam are Solution Architects who notify stakeholders and decipher business needs into safe, scalable, and dependable solutions. The Microsoft Azure Solution Architect AZ-300 is an expert-level exam explicitly designed for candidates curious about using cloud computing techniques and business solutions. This exam tests a candidate’s ability to deliver safe, secure, and reliable Azure cloud solutions for businesses. Candidates must have enhanced knowledge and skills in IT operations, including experience in virtualization, networking, data management, budgeting, disaster recovery management, business continuity, and security.

The certification validates that candidates have all the required competencies in Microsoft Azure application for business operation, development, and management. Candidates should have a refined understanding and background in a variety of factors of IT operations, including identifying security, networking, virtualization, business continuity, catastrophe retrieval, data governance, budgeting, and management. This role mandates managing how decisions in each area impact a comprehensive explanation. Candidates should be professional in Azure administration, Azure expansion, and DevOps and have expert-level skills in at least one of those specializations.

You will gain ample knowledge covered in this certification and will learn to examine the process of utilizing resources and its manager template application. You will learn to create and demonstrate virtual network designs and connectivity and storage account settings. You will be able to comprehend the Azure Active Directory Management and migration to Azure using role-based access.

You will learn the configuration of a computer system without a server and the implementation of applications for balancing roles and integration of On-Prem. You will understand the creation and application of AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) and implement a multi-factor, multi-level authentication process for secure data solutions.

Microsoft Azure Architect Design: AZ-301

Candidates sit for the exam for Azure Solution Architects, who inform stakeholders and decipher business needs into protected, scalable, and trustworthy solutions. Microsoft Azure Architect Design is the second part of the AZ-301 Expert Exam. The credential demands the candidate to have an in-depth understanding and background in determining a variety of aspects of Microsoft Azure and effectively using it for numerous objectives like data administration, virtualization, networking, protection, catastrophe retrieval, and others. This is the highest-ranking a candidate can accomplish in Microsoft Azure, and it specifies the highest job designation for the candidate at a reputable company.

Candidates should have refined knowledge and background in a variety of elements of IT processes, including networking, virtualization, recognizing security, business continuity, catastrophe retrieval, data managing, budgeting, and administration. This role demands controlling how decisions in each area impact a general solution. Prospects should be experienced in Azure management, Azure development, and DevOps and have expert-level skills in at least one of those disciplines.

Microsoft Azure

Facts covered in the certification Using Microsoft Azure, you will understand designing, computing, storing, network, and monitoring strategies. You will become qualified to collect the required information and develop the infrastructure for the registries’ logical grouping and storage of data. You will also learn to design data management and risk prevention techniques for better monitoring and data security and set up document data flows and data protection strategies. You will gain ample knowledge on creating a data archive and site recovery strategy and designing and implementing an API integration strategy.

The experience and skills required to become a successful Microsoft Certified Azure solutions architect:

The skills measured in this certification include deploying and configuring infrastructure and implementing workloads and security. It also includes designing and deploying apps, enforcing authentication, and securing data. A Microsoft Certified Azure solutions architect should be able to build for the cloud and Azure storage and determine workload requirements. They are accountable for designing identity and security and developing a data platform solution. They prepare a business continuity strategy and design for execution, migration, and integration and set up an infrastructure strategy.

An Azure architect is foreseen to have the following knowledge: Azure Basics, organizing resources in Azure, Learning, understanding Azure architecture and Design, Data storage, ability, and Azure Databricks, and Executing data engineering. Running virtual devices or receptacles in the cloud is one of the most prevalent usages of Microsoft Azure.

These computing aids may host infrastructure components such as Windows Server assistance, such as Internet Information Services (IIS), domain name system (DNS) servers, or third-party applications. Microsoft even endorses the usage of third-party operating systems like Linux. Also, Azure is typically used to host databases in the cloud. Microsoft offers serverless and non-relational relational databases such as Azure SQL and NoSQL, respectively.

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