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Quality of Service
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Passing the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam requires knowledge of traffic classification, queuing, and planning, as well as optimal network assets use, WRED function, escape port scheduling/HQoS planner functioning, configurable rate, color packet regulation, and Ethernet wait groups. They understand the design, configuration, and operation of CFHP and the significance of QoS in services. Successful candidates can employ QoS within the Nokia 7750 SR to provide differentiated service.

Are you struggling to get enough info about the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam? Do you feel that passing this exam is complicated and challenging? You don’t need to worry because we are here to help you with all the queries circulating in your mind about the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam.

So, continue exploring and reading this blog to learn more about the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam. Moreover, you can also find out if you are the ideal candidate to take the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam in 2024.

What is the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam?


Quality of Service Exam
Quality of Service Exam

The Nokia Quality of Service Exam course teaches and expands on the theory, tactics, and methodologies to implement quality of service (QoS) approaches in IP/MPLS networks. The course teaches the basic QoS performance measures and describes the fundamental QoS functions required to guarantee that varied traffic flows are treated appropriately. The QoS functions of traffic categorization, marking, buffering, buffer leadership, scheduling, and rate restriction are thoroughly described and reinforced with hands-on laboratories that allow participants to see the impact of each.

After completing this course, students will grasp the ideas and principles of QoS, comprehend the necessity for QoS, and learn how to set up QoS using the Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR) to create differentiated services.

The 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam Certifications are connected to Nokia Quality of Service and contribute to the Nokia Services Routing Architect Credential. This 4A0-107 exam confirms the ability to define the business drivers of QoS and describe traffic categorization, queuing, scheduling, and marking concerning QoS. It also addresses the ability to specify the necessity for a multi-tiered scheduling (HQoS) architecture on SAP entrance and expression and how to apply QoS ideas to the relevant service.

4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam Details

Here are the details for the Nokia QoS 4A0-107 Exam details:

  • Exam Name: Nokia Quality of Service
  • Exam Vendor: Nokia
  • Exam Code: 4A0-107
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 80%
  • Exam Format: MCQs
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Exam Fee: $125 USD

Nokia Quality of Service Exam Course Outline


Quality of Service Exam Course
Quality of Service Exam Course

Here are the domains for the Nokia QoS 4A0-107 exam:

  • Drivers supporting QoS.
  • Describe traffic categorization, queuing, planning, and marking concerning QoS, such as rate limitation, resource allocation, and traffic control.
  • Configure various QoS-related regulations on the Nokia 7750 SR to deliver differentiated services that conform to SLAs.
  • Identify criteria for classifying and marking packets during service and networking ingress/egress to optimize networking resource use.
  • Explain the function of the waiting and scheduling settings. PIR, CIR, MBS, CBS, highest priority Only, queue type, queuing mode, and the adaption rule
  • Explain the goal of Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED): to raise the average use of network resources as they approach congestion.
  • Also, specify the requirement for a multi-tiered planning (HQoS) architecture for SAP input and outflow.
  • Apply QoS ideas to the corresponding service (VPWS, VPLS, VPRN, or IES).
  • Explain the requirement for egress port scheduling and how it works with an HQoS scheduler.
  • Explain how independent policers apply the set rate, CIR, MBS, CBS, or HPO to colored packets.
  • Describe how Class Fair Hierarchical Policing (CFHP) enables four levels of hierarchy and constantly enforces rates based on the priorities and weights set to child police and judges.
  • Create, configure, implement, and anticipate the intended performance of a CFHP policy.
  • Describe Ethernet queue groups. List businesses
  • and their typical applications on access entry, access egress, networking ingress, and networking egress.

How to Register for the 4A0-107 exam?

Exam 4A0-107 can be taken both offline (by writing) and online. Nokia offers a Student gateway, allowing applicants to take the test from the convenience of their homes or offices via a single online gateway. To gain admittance to the Student Portal, candidates must first register, which will direct them to the test. The following steps will guide you through the registration process for Exam 4A0-107:

  • First, visit Pearson Exam Enrollment.
  • Now, join up/log in to the Pearson VUE profile.
  • Next, go for the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam certifications Exam.
  • Finally, choose the day and time and validate the payment method.

How to Prepare for the Nokia Quality of Service Exam?

We believe in preparing sensibly rather than hard; thus, we supply you with a study guide to challenge, instruct, and prepare you to pass the 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam. Our preparation guide is a genuine thing.

  1. Review The Exam Objectives.

Before studying for the exam, you must visit Nokia’s official site and read all the essential exam details. Get acquainted yourself with the exam’s goals and course domains. It is critical to stay apprised of all of the newest exam-related information. Spend enough time on each issue to have a thorough understanding of it. Furthermore, this will improve your preparedness. The following describes the exam’s objectives:

  • First, an explanation of QoS
  • Second, Classification.
  • Third, queuing
  • Then, Scheduling
  • Additional features include marking and remarking, as well as integrated QoS.
  1. Enrolling In A Training Class

Nokia Quality of Service Exam Courses are available in the classroom, distance learning (instructor-led, live, and internet), and on-site distribution at customer-specified locations. The courses are instructor-led and provide sufficient hands-on laboratory work to ensure students understand how to install, deploy, and debug devices. Visit Nokia Quality of Service to find the training course you need to prepare for the 4A0-107 exam and secure your slot.

  1. Study Resources

You might utilize two types of materials to start studying for the certification test. The most straightforward and most immediate solution is to turn to literature.

Books are the most complete and comprehensive sources of information for systematic study and preparation. The third kind is video tutorials. Studying via books might be tedious. Studying and watching videos might help break up the monotony. Candidates who want to establish solid groundwork in all of the exam’s disciplines mix video lectures with reference materials to maximize study.

  1. Keep Practicing  With Practice Tests.

Practice exams are designed to track the development of the preparation. Students should also become familiar with the test in a real-time setting. Preparing and administering practice exams is a critical stage in your road to passing the exam. Trying practice questions boosts confidence and helps you perform better.

Why Choose Us?

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Nokia Quality of Service Exam Sample Questions

Here are the Nokia Quality of Service 4A0-107 exam sample questions you must review before taking the actual exam:

Question 1:

Which of the following assertions concerning marking packets is correct?

  1. Packets for a layer-2 service might be pre-marked at SAP-ingress.
  2. Packets about a layer-2 service can be pre-marked at network entry.
  3. Packets about layer-3 services can be pre-marked at SAP-ingress.
  4. Packets about a layer-3 service may have been pre-marked at network entry.

Question 2:

When selecting how to distribute the bandwidth available among its smaller siblings, when can a port scheduler look at the ”level” of a child?

  1. During the allotment of internal CIR bandwidth
  2. During the distribution of higher-CIR bandwidth
  3. During the distribution of bandwidth within and above the circumference of the CIR.
  4. The connection scheduler doesn’t employ a child’s level to determine bandwidth allocation.

Question 3:

Which of the following phrases reflects a queue’s value parameter for hierarchical scheduling?

  1. The weight sets the queue’s priority during scheduling up to its CIR.
  2. The weight sets the queue’s priority for above-CIR planning up to the PIR.
  3. The weight determines how this queue and other queuing or schedulers at the same CIR level split the available CIR throughput at that level.
  4. The weight determines how this queue, alongside additional queues or planners at the same level, splits the available above-CIR bandwidth at that tier.

Question 4:

Which of the following assertions concerning CFHP’s police hierarchy is false?

  1. A root judge can be the parent of a layer 2 arbiter.
  2. A tier 1 arbitrator can be the parent of a law enforcement officer.
  3. A kind police officer’s priority level might range from zero to ten.
  4. A parent arbiter uses weight to allocate bandwidth between children with equal levels.

Question 5:

An egress port planner connected to an Ethernet connection has a data rate of 100 Mbps. All frames sent via the port are 80 bytes. What is the total transmitting capacity for all queues utilizing the port scheduler?

  1. 100Mbps multiplied by 20/(80 + 20) equals 20 Mbps.
  2. 100Mbps multiplied by 80/(80 + 20) equals 80Mbps.
  3. 100Mbps
  4. 100+ 100 * 20/(80 + 20) = 120 Mbps


The 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam confirms people’s competencies as Nokia Service Routing Architects. If candidates want to grow in their careers, they must expand their expertise, abilities, and talents. The Nokia Quality of Service 4A0-107 Exam certifies this advanced understanding and knowledge. If an individual has the necessary knowledge and skills, he must take the 4A0-107 exam. There is no need to worry about not passing the exam. You can retake the exam anytime, as there is no time limit. There is also no limit to how many times you may retake the exam!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Objectives Of The Nokia 4A0-107 Exam?

The 4A0-107 Nokia Quality of Service Exam complements the Nokia Service Routing Architect qualification. This 4A0-107 exam validates and promotes theories and methodologies to implement quality of service (QoS) techniques in an IP/MPLS network. It defines the basic QoS evaluations, and the essential QoS functions necessary to ensure that different traffic flows are addressed correctly.

What Score Should I Get To Pass The 4A0-107 Exam?

Passing the Nokia 4A0-107 exam needs a minimum score of 80%.

What Is The Overall Number Of Questions On The Exam?

The test will have a total of 60 MCQs.

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