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Salesforce Identity and Access Exam
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The Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer exam is designed for Identity specialists who wish to demonstrate their understanding, expertise, and skills in evaluating identity architecture and building safe, outstanding performance access management systems on the Lightning Framework. A designer applicant should also have experience building and implementing complicated access and identity management strategies to convey the remedy and design trade-offs to business and technological stakeholders.

A Salesforce Accredited Identity and Access Management Designer evaluates the environment and requirements to provide secure and scalable management of identity solutions on the client’s 360 platform. The designer has previous expertise in building and executing sophisticated identity and access management methods and conveying technology and design compromises to both business and technological stakeholders.

Continue exploring to learn more amazing facts and preparation guide to prepare for the  Salesforce Identity and Access exam 2023.

What is Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer Certification?

The Salesforce Certified access and identity management certification is for identity professionals who want to show their understanding, abilities, and skills regarding evaluating identity architecture, designing safe, high-performance access administration solutions on the Salesforce Customer 360 system, and effectively connecting technical solutions to company and technical stakeholders.

To pass the exam, an identity specialist should be able to do the following:

  • Create an identity design spanning various platforms, including system integration and authentication.
  • Explain system design factors, benefits, and suggestions for identity architecture.
  • Apply the most effective generic access and identity control techniques to Salesforce systems.

Who is a Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer?


A Salesforce Certified Access and Identity Management Designer needs to be able to assess the environment and responsibilities to develop secure and scalable identity control systems on the Lightening Platform. Also, the designer must know about creating and carrying out complicated access and identification control rules, along with equally communicating the answer and design trade-offs to technical and business stakeholders.

Additionally, identity individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experiences in analyzing identity architecture and creating safe, high-performance authentication solutions attending the Lightning Platform ought to seek the Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer exam certification. Furthermore, the Identity specialist may assist technical and business players comprehend technological solutions.

Furthermore, the Salesforce Identity And Access Exam assesses a candidate’s comprehension of access monitoring using the prominent identification provider and Salesforce as the verification provider.

What is the Salesforce Identity and Access Exam 2023?

The Salesforce Identity And Access Exam certifies a person’s expertise in building and implementing access and identity control systems using Salesforce technology. The exam assesses the candidate’s understanding of Salesforce IAM capabilities like authorization, verification, and single sign-on (SSO), and it also evaluates their capacity to create and implement advanced IAM solutions to satisfy particular company demands.

The Salesforce Identity And Access Exam tests your knowledge of how to limit access using external authentication suppliers and Salesforce as the identification provider. You must understand how the systems communicate with one another, the various methods for passing authentication, and how to maintain the confidentiality of your organization(s).

Salesforce, a market leader in cloud-based CRM solutions, has comprehensive Identity and Access features that allow enterprises to govern access to applications and data. By receiving their Salesforce Identity And Access Exam certification, individuals might show or prove their experience building and implementing IAM solutions that mollify manufacturing standards and best practices.

Who Must Take the Salesforce Identity and Access Exam?


Salesforce Identity and Access Exam
Salesforce Identity and Access Exam

The Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer exam has been created for a specific group of people who will benefit the most from the Salesforce Identity and Access Management exam :

  • Architect for Enterprise
  • Technical Designer
  • Architect of Security
  • Architect for Corporate Integration
  • Identity Designer

Salesforce Identity and Access Exam Details

Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer exam Questions are in multiple-choice/multiple-select format. The exam costs $400 USD, plus any applicable taxes local law requires. The passing mark for the Salesforce Identity and Access Exam is 65%, and you will have 120 minutes to complete it. It can, however, be attempted as a Proctored exam, either onsite at a testing location or online in an administered setting.

Here are the points of the exam details:

  • The Salesforce Identity and Access Exam questions are in multiple-choice/multiple-select formats.
  • In addition, there will be an overall of 60 questions.
  • Furthermore, the Salesforce examination costs USD 400, plus any necessary taxes local law requires.
  • Furthermore, the passing mark for the Salesforce Identity And Access Exam is 65%, and you will have 120 minutes to complete it.
  • However, it can be factored as a Proctored Salesforce Identity And Access Exam, either onsite at a testing facility or in an administered setting.

Salesforce Identity and Access Exam Domains

Here are the major domains that are covered in the Salesforce Identity and Access Exam:

  1. Identity Management Approaches – 17%

  • Describe common identification patterns and the distinctions between them.
  • Describe the components of an identification solution (authentication, clearance, and accountability) along with the way you use Salesforce capabilities to support them.
  • Describe how two systems create trust.
  • Provide a scenario and offer the best way for deploying users in Salesforce.
  • Troubleshoot commonalities of failure in a single-on approach (SAML, the authorization process, etc.) given a situation.
  1. Salesforce Accepts Third-Party Identity – 21%

  • Describe how Salesforce serves as an Operator in a given use case.
  • In B2E and B2C situations, offer the best strategy to furnish users from identification stores given a scenario.
  • When Salesforce has to allow third-party identification (Enterprise AD, Social, Collaboration, etc.), offer the proper authentication technique.
  • Determine how users can be configured in Salesforce to allow SSO and implement access privileges given a scenario.
  • Identify the inspection and monitoring methodologies accessible via the platform while outlining the tools available to identify IDP concerns given a situation.
  1. Salesforce as a provider of identity – 17%

  • Determine the best OAuth flow for a given case (web-based, JWT, user substance, or device auth flow).
  • Provide an appropriate Context and Configuration of the linked App for Authentication based on a scenario.
  • Describe OAuth execution ideas such as scopes, confidential information, tokens, refresh symbols, token termination, and cancellation.
  • Recommend Salesforce technologies that must be used to offer identity to a third-party system given an event—Canvas, Integrated Apps, App Launcher, and so on.
  1. Best Practices in Access Management – 15%

  • Determine the best multi-factor authentication techniques to utilize based on a set of requirements and the sort of session they should produce.
  • Given a scenario, how can you best give roles, identities, and permission levels to a user throughout the SSO manipulation, and how should you keep these responsibilities up to date?
  • Describe the resources you may employ to audit and validate the activity/user immediately following the login, given a situation.
  • Determine the setup settings for a Linked app based on a scenario.
  1. Salesforce Identity – 12%

  • Determine the role of the Identity Link product in Salesforce Identity deployments, given a set of objectives.
  • Determine whether Salesforce Customer 360 Identification fits within a fully established Customer 360 solution based on a scenario.
  • Recommend the best Salesforce license type(s) based on parameters.
  1. Community (Partner and Customers) – 18%

  • Describe the features for personalizing the Experience Cloud customer service (branding options, login options, identity confirmation self-registration, messaging, password reset, and so on).
  • Determine the optimal strategy to support independent identity providers in populations, given a set of needs, and utilize the appropriate user/contact model to enable public user experience.
  • Understanding the benefits and limits of External Identity systems and associated licensing is necessary.
  • Determine whether to use integrated login in a given scenario or not.

Skills Required for Salesforce Identity and Access Exam


Salesforce Identity skills
Salesforce Identity skills

Candidate for the Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Exam possesses the following experience, skills, knowledge, and ability:

  • Learn the distinction between Coordinated and Transferred Single Sign-on.
  • In Salesforce, gather prerequisites and configure outsourced authentication.
  • Collect prerequisites and set up SAML in Salesforce.
  • Understand the distinction between Identity Provider SAML and Service Supplier Initiated SAML and when to utilize both.
  • Learn how an ID provider and the Service Provider establish trust.
  • Determine the overall identity federation abilities available for a specific project.
  • Explain the high-level concepts and flows of the authorization process, SAML, and Open ID Connect.
  • Explain Network Sign-On in Salesforce terms.
  • Explain Community authentication systems.
  • Identify and address typical SSO failure circumstances in Salesforce.
  • Explain why an effective SOO strategy is critical for company security.
  • Learn why two-step verification is crucial and how to install it in Salesforce.
  • Describe the use of Authentication Flows.
  • Determine the appropriate Identity Connect use cases.
  • Determine a project’s best user lifecycle management strategies (automatic user provisioning, just-in-time supplying, manual account creation, etc.).

Tips To Prepare/Pass Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Exam 

The Salesforce Identity And Access Exam is a certification exam that assesses your understanding and competence in creating and implementing complex authentication and authorization systems on the Salesforce platform. To pass this test, you must comprehend the Identity And Access ideas, best practices, and technologies utilized in Salesforce.

To begin preparing for the exam, read the guide, which summarizes the topics in the Salesforce Identity And Access Exam and details the exam’s structure and structure. To better grasp the Identity And Access ideas and technologies, you might consider completing official Salesforce education courses or reviewing related literature and resources.

You should also formulate with theoretical tests and take practice exams to acquaint or familiarize yourself with the Salesforce Identity and Access exam style and discover areas where you should progress. Connect with other Salesforce personnel and join online forums and group deliberations to share and obtain knowledge from others.

Arrive early on exam day, bring all relevant identification and materials, and remain centered and collected throughout the exam. You can improve your probability of completing the Salesforce Identity and Access Exam and getting a helpful certification by adhering to these guidelines and putting in the effort and time required.


Every candidate should adhere to specific policies. The conditions mentioned above provide information on the candidate regarding credential cancellation, recertification, and validity. Furthermore, these exam policies assist applicants in understanding and gathering all required information about post-exam or pre-exam procedures. To avoid future disorientation, it is recommended that you review these policies before finishing the registration.

The Salesforce Identity And Access Exam certification is valid for three years, and you must complete the Identification and Access Administration Designer certification maintenance sessions on Trailhead once a year to keep it valid. If the candidate does not satisfy the maintenance mentioned above needs by the due date, their certification will expire.

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