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Splunk Core Certified Consultant
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The worldwide acclaimed Splunk certification programs have been constructed to certify exceptional, well-trained, and popular employees considered industry experts by their peers. The SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam is the last test in the Splunk Core Certified Consultancy track.

This highly complex certification exam evaluates the abilities and expertise of a candidate in Splunk Deployment Methods and recommended procedures for planning, collecting data, sizing, overseeing, and troubleshooting a typical standard with indexer and search forehead clustering, as well as best practices for organizing, data gathering, sizing, controlling, and troubleshooting requirements with indexer and search head grouping.

This course is created for those who want to join the highest ranks of Splunk authorization, with an unrivaled quantity of hands-on training and a week-long boot camp to learn the soft and technical abilities required to be a Splunk consultant. Continue reading to learn how you can pass the Splunk Core Certified SPLK-3303 Exam.

What is Splunk Core Certified Consultant Certification?

Splunk, a renowned platform for software for real-time operative intelligence, offers the Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam as a certification exam. The applicant must complete the Splunk Core Accredited Consultant Exam to get certified. The exam is intended to assess the instruction and abilities of experts who work with Splunk’s core apps and software, such as:

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Input and Parsing of Data
  • Reporting and Search
  • Objects of Knowledge
  • Splunk Deployment Administration
  • Splunk User Administration

The average Splunk Core Certified Consultant salary in the United States is $146,226 per year, or $71.30 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $125,800 annually, with most experienced individuals earning up to $173,500 annually.

Who is a Splunk Core-Certified Consultant?

A Splunk Core Certified Consultant is a professional in multi-tier Splunk structures, clustering, scalability, and the Splunk Deployment Methodologies and performance in large Splunk deployments. This certification demonstrates a Consultant’s capability to accurately size, install, and operate Splunk environments, in addition to being able to advise others about how to use the technology and get the most out of it for their needs.

A Splunk Core-Certified Consultant is an experienced individual specializing in deploying and optimizing Splunk’s data analytics platform. They excel in carrying out Splunk solutions adapted to various organizational demands due to their extensive experience.

Furthermore, they are skilled in troubleshooting, ensuring the system runs smoothly. Their certification denotes a mastery of Splunk’s abilities, making them valuable resources for organizations looking to maximize the value of their data architecture.

What is the SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam?


 SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam
SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam

Splunk, a leading technology for immediate form operational intelligence, offers the SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam as a certification exam. Furthermore, the exam assesses the knowledge and skills of customers who have passed the SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam and have previously worked using Splunk to conduct research, create reports, and operate knowledge objects.

The exam also includes 86 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions that must be answered in 117 minutes. The test covers finding and filtering data, building reports and dashboards, controlling knowledge objects, using feature aliases and commands, and dealing with lookup tables.

SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam Details

Before you begin your preparations, you should become acquainted with the exam principles and policies. Let’s go over some fundamental exam information.

A Splunk Core Certified Consultant test consists of 86 questions with a time limit of 117 minutes to finish them. The SPLK-3003 Splunk Core-Certified Consultant exam queries might also be of the Multiple Selection & Multi-Response variety. The exam cost is $125 USD. Finally, the exam is accessible only in English.

Here are the details of the Splunk Core-Certified Consultant:

  • Exam Name: Splunk Core Certified Consultant
  • Exam Code: SPLK-3003
  • Exam Cost: $125 USD
  • Number of Questions: 86
  • Exam Duration: 117 minutes
  • Exam Registration: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Format: MCQs and Multiple-response queries

Perquisites for the SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam

As an essential component for the Splunk Core-Certified Consultant test, you must hold the following certifications:

  • Splunk Enterprise Administrator
  • Then, Splunk Core Certified Power User Certification is necessary.

Certified Architecture candidates should finish the course’s lecture, hands-on testing facilities, and quizzes, which are:

  • 3 Fundamentals
  • Splunk Dashboard Development
  • Splunk Schooling’s Advanced Exploring and Reporting courses
  • Core Consultant Laboratories
  • Core Operational Instructor-Led Training Course Services


Exam Domains for Splunk Core Certified SPLK-3003 Consultant


SPLK-3003 Consultant
SPLK-3003 Consultant exam

The Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam has nine domains to cover. Each domain has a list of the exam concepts and competencies. The percentage next to each Knowledge area represents its addition to the final examination. The Splunk Core-Certified Consultant exam goal, on the other hand, includes:

  • Splunk deployment – 5%
  • Monitoring Interface – 8%
  • Access and Responsibilities – 8%
  • Data Collection – 15%
  • Indexing – 14%
  • Search – 4%
  • Configuration Administration – 8%
  • Indexer Segmentation – 18%
  • Search Head Filtering – 10%


  • Splunk Deployment – 5%


  • Splunk confirmed Architectures must be defined.
  • Explain how and why Splunk evolves from a standalone to a distributed system using indexer and Sort Head clustering.
  • Explain the distinction between the high level of availability and disaster recovery and how Splunk can help with both.


  • Monitoring Interface – 8%


  • Explain which instances are appropriate for configuring as the Watching Console.
  • Explain how to set up the MC for a single or networked environment.
  • Investigate how the MC employs server roles and groups.
  • Explain how MC wellness assessments are performed and how they might be prolonged.


  • Access And Responsibilities – 8%


  • Determine the methods of authentication.
  • Explain the concepts and configuration of LDAP.
  • Provide a list of SAML and SSO choices.
  • Defining roles and explaining how they are used to safeguard data


  • Data Collection – 15%


  • Explain how an indexer can consume data in various ways.
  • Demonstrate how one Splunk installation talks with another (S2S). Set up safe communication between Splunk installations using an updated cipher suite and message verification code.
  • Describe the different types and configurations of data inputs.
  • Explain how to debug data inputs.


  • Indexing – 14%


  • Indexed list of artifacts and sites
  • Provide an overview of event data entry and processing pipelines.
  • Explain the text processing and indexing process.
  • Controls for Data Retention


  • Search – 4%


  • Explain how to employ job search inspection. Describe the inner workings of the results.
  • Describe the various search types.
  • Explain methods to improve search efficiency.
  • Explain how sub-searches function.


  • Configuration Administration – 8%


  • Describe an assignment application.
  • Explain how a Deployment Server works.
  • Explain the deployment system settings.
  • Explain how to administer a deployment server.


  • Indexer Segmentation – 18%


  • Describe the installation and component setup.
  • Using buckets, explain the data life cycle.
  • Identify failure mechanisms and recovery procedures.
  • Explain the process of multi-site clustering.
  • Procedures for List Migration


  • Search Head Filtering – 10%


  • Explain how to control and deploy a cluster of Search Heads.
  • Evaluate when a Search Head Cluster is required and when not.
  • Explain content management with the Deployed.
  • Describe the group members’ and Captain’s roles.
  • Explain how captain elections work (RAFT)

How to Prepare for the Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam?


Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam
Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam

To become a Splunk consultant, you must have some professional educational requirements, often a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. However, a certificate of completion, a few certifications, and experience may suffice. You must be familiar with Splunk software, Oracle, SQL Server and any additional tool sets used in big data sectors. Official Splunk qualifications are available, and some employers demand you to obtain one or more to demonstrate your skill. This position necessitates strong analytical abilities. Here is the necessary step to prepare for the SPLK-3003 Exam:

  1. Download The Official Splunk Core-Certified Exam Guide.

The first step in the planning guide should always be to visit the. Remember that the official website is the most reliable source of accurate information. The webpage covers everything from exam patterns to the associated modules and study materials. Read the Official Guide and familiarize yourself with the objectives and course domains for better preparation. Create a Splunk Core Certified Consultant blueprint. Concentrate your study time on the exam domains. It will strengthen your practice.

  1. Select The Appropriate Books

Preparing for any test without books appears absurd as well as useless. As a result, to study for the exam, you need to seek out relevant and reputable materials from qualified authors. Candidates practicing for this certification exam may find books to be an excellent source of information. Books provide in-depth explanations of many topics covered on the Splunk Core Accredited Consultant exam. Most importantly, obtain your Splunk Core-Certified Consultant exam resources from reputable sources.

  1. Register For A Training Course

While preparation, training is essential. Splunk Core-Certified Consultant educational programs provide practical instruction and exam-specific knowledge. Such comprehension is required when studying for the Splunk Core-Certified Consultant exam.

  1. Join A Group.

Joining a study group or a discussion board online is the next critical step in your preparation. When many people become involved in a challenge, the likelihood of finding a solution increases considerably. Having multiple points of view also makes the subject matter more vibrant. As a result of these discussions, the research becomes more extensive. Introverts, who may ordinarily avoid arguments, have an opportunity to convey themselves. Forums are excellent for building the community required for understanding others.

  1. Assess Using Practice Tests

It’s now time to put your skills to the test. The final preparation phase is to assess your readiness for the exam. This is when Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam Dumps come in handy. Taking the Splunk Core Certified Consultant practice exams allows you to familiarize yourself with the exam question structure.

Additionally, practice examinations assist you in identifying areas that will necessitate additional study. Furthermore, such assessments give you real exam experiences and teach you how to manage your time effectively. Strengthening your weaknesses would undoubtedly boost your confidence in your preparedness.


It is critical to put what you have learned into practice so that you can examine your performance. Furthermore, exercising can enhance your response skills, resulting in significant time savings. Moreover, the optimal time to begin taking practice tests is after mastering one topic.

It will serve as a revision component for you. Furthermore, practicing can enhance your response skills, resulting in significant time savings. Again, the optimal time to begin conducting Splunk core Certified Consultant Exam Dumps is after you have completed one whole topic since this will serve as a revision component for you. Comment below if you want to know more about this SPLK-3003 Splunk Core Certified Consultant Exam and get your valuable answers accordingly!

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