What It Needs to Become a VMware Certified Professional in 2022: Let’s Find Out!

VMware Certified Professional
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VMware Certified Professional in 2022:

When we talk about virtualization, different trends, and technologies, VMware is undoubtedly a leading player across the industry. The demand for VMware certified professional is increased significantly in the last few years. Every firm is looking for a professional who can lead the company with excellent skills and abilities.

Virtualization technology has been urged enormously in the last few years as everyone is now involved in multitasking, and VMware technology is the best for them to do so. Using VMware technology, you can multitask in virtualized world effortlessly. In this article, we will discuss the VMware certifications level and talk more about VMware certified professionals. Keep reading to learn more about the best VMware certification.

What is VMware Technology?


VMware Technology
VMware Technology


Virtual Machine Software, or VMware, is a company that creates virtualization software. The software serves as an intermediate layer over the computer hardware. This enables the computer’s hardware components, such as memory, chipmakers, and storage, to be partitioned into multiple virtual machines, also known as virtual computers.

Even though it runs on the underlying computer hardware, each VM functions like an independent computer and runs its operating system. Virtualization enables more efficient computer hardware usage and a higher investment return on a group’s device. Private and public cloud suppliers can serve further users with VMware without modifying their physical computer hardware.


What is VMware Certified Professional Certification (VCP)?


VMware Certified Professional Certification
What is VMware Certified Professional Certification (VCP)?


The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification is designed to demonstrate technical proficiency with VMware vSphere and similar technologies. An applicant must consider taking a Virtualization training program, both online or in person, demonstrate hands-on experience with VMware technologies, and pass the vSphere Frameworks Exam, as well as an optional exam if he chooses to specialize in a particular new tech track, in order to earn this certification.

On March 10, 2014, VMware implemented a re-certification policy. VMware VCP certification is valid for two years, after which the applicant must retake the vSphere Frameworks Exam and any noteworthy elective exam to maintain certification. VCP certification is the best VMware certification.

A Virtualization Certified Professional (VCP) configures, organizes, manages, and continues to support data center virtual machines on VMware’s vSphere platform. This individual must have a practical learning experience with vSphere execution. They must be familiar with VSphere and other similar technologies.

The technologist must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of virtualized network fundamentals. This professional maintains and preconfigures various technologies to maximize the virtual infrastructure. They will deal with problems with the Microsoft Windows and Linux software platforms. These certified technicians know VMware core elements and how they relate to storage and networking.

VMware Certified Professional Job Description

A VCP or Certified Professional is designed to help customers in the design, development, and deployment of both traditional and virtual data centers. These technicians must comprehend and resolve virtualization-related issues. They will be responsible for installing, configuring, and supervising VMware vSphere and associated systems.

This technician will also maintain and fully understand the VMware capabilities. They will be in charge of the executive setup, configuration, and monitoring of ESXi networking and storage and other VMware VCenter components. VMware VCP certification is the best certification in the industry now.

They are also in charge of managing access permissions to the enterprise VMware connectivity. They will be involved in the deployment, migration, and management of client desktop systems, VM Clones, Frameworks, and vApps. It is a tough job compared to VMware certified associate and the best VMware certification.

Aside from these responsibilities, this certified professional intends and deploys vSphere Shared Flash memory and the Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA). They relocate virtual machines and use VMware Retrieval to back up and restore virtual machines. The technician performs basic debugging for the vSphere System, Storage, and ESXi Hosts. They will manage vCenter Server Alarms and supervise a vSphere execution.

Benefits of VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

VMware VCP certification provides access to government transcripts, free usage of the VCP credential logo, invitations to beta examinations and classes, a Virtualization digital badge, discounted rates from the VMware Press, and discounted admittance to VMware events. Membership in the vExpert community, possibilities to provide detailed feedback to the designer team, press release support, and a bio function in the VCDX Directory are all included with VCDX certification. VMware professional certification will empower a candidate to explore more in the industry.

VMware VCP certification helps candidates advance in their careers. Most businesses that use VMware virtualization software anticipate their technicians and managers to be certified, even though certification is a simple way to verify and demonstrate a potential employee’s skills to clients. The majority of VCP-certified individuals work as system administrators.

Certification may also result in a salary increase. A VCP-certified sys admin can earn around $49,000 and $95,000 in 2017, while a VCP-certified IT supervisor can earn approximately $55,000 and $120,000.

How to Prepare for VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Exam?


VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Exam
Prepare for VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Exam


The VCP exam comprised 85 questions and an eight-question from before the survey. The exam takes 90 minutes to complete for candidates. The VCP exam is graded on a scale of 100 to 500, with 300 being the passing score. After failing a proctored exam, there is a seven-day waiting period before retaking the VCP exam. There is no waiting time after a failed, no proctored standardized test attempt.

The cost of taking a VCP-level exam is $225; however, training classes and supplemental study materials are extra. VMware provides exam prep packages for both the standard vSphere Frameworks exam and each specialized certification track. These e-learning test packages include a thorough examination of the exam content.

Candidates should evaluate the official exam template, take online practice tests, find or join a study group, and establish a lab environment to assess unfamiliar configurations and tools, in addition to just using VMware-sponsored assets such as the VCP Community as well as the VMware Learning Zone.

Candidates can use the Pearson VUE website to view exam options, find a testing location, and register for a VCP exam.


VMware Certified Professional (VCP) and VMware Certified Associate (VCA) are great certifications for you in 2022. VCP is the best VMware certification among all the certificates available. Doing VMware professional certification will enable you to explore your skills and abilities in virtualization technologies. The career path for VCP is not as easy as it looks. You must work hard to earn this certification and become the highest-paid employee. Comment if you have any queries related to VMware certified professional certification and its related content. Our professional consultants will assist you accordingly!

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