5 Benefits of 5G Network: Analyze 5 Cyber Security Threats

5 benefits of 5g network
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5 Benefits of 5G Network

5G is the new era of telecommunications. 5G succeeding the 4G, is a highly advanced 5th generation for broadband cellular networks.  It is a revolutionary step towards the wireless network with the antenna of radio waves controlling both the Internet and the telephone networks. The 5G is a cellular network that provides the services of transmission of data of any kind and also of the telephonic network in certain cells, a cell is certain to a range of area which is covered by 5G towers.

5 Benefits of 5G Network: Analyze 5 Cyber Security Threats

With the rising trend of internet consumption and with the world becoming a global village both the consequence and the benefits of these advanced modes of communication are analyzed. First, we are going to discuss the 5 Benefits of 5G.

1: With Great Bandwidth comes Great Speed

One of the most important features of the 5th generation of telecommunications is exceptional speed. The rapid speed of processing information will change the mode of our lives. Bandwidth means signal processing between different upper and lower frequencies and with this comes the high speed of downloading. Which is approximately 10 Gigabytes per second. As compared to the predecessor of 5G, the 4G has only 8 to 10 Megabytes per second. This huge difference in speed is the plus point for the success of 5G.

2: Capacity to connect with millions

The 5th generation of broadband cellular networks has the unbelievable power of connectivity. It can connect with its great bandwidth to millions of devices. 4G network was only able to connect the ten percent of this ratio. The capability of connecting with millions of devices and as well as connecting millions of users is a revolutionary step in this field. With prediction by GSM Association in the year 2025 there will be around 1.7 billion users of the 5G network which will evolve humans as supreme beings.

3: Low Errors rate

The term error rate means the erroneous bits which are noticed while transmission and transferring of data, network signal, and audio. With the effective software of Modulation and Coding Scheme(MCS) used by 5G, the bit error rate becomes extremely low. The main advantage of this low bit Error rate is that the performance of data channels improves.

4: Low Air Latency

5G with its guarantee of providing low air Latency proves to set a hallmark in the industry of Information Technology. Air Latency has been an evolving area of research in the IT field from the concerned period. Air Latency can be defined as the measurement of the transmission of data from its source to the receiver and then again to its source. With the improvement in this Air Latency, there will embark on a new evolutionary era in the Information Technology industry.

5: Range of Signal Transmission

By the division of different areas into small geographical units which are called cells, there are positive results in data transmission. With a specific and effective range of signals transmission, the data moves with speed avoiding the jam of traffic and crash of different traffic websites. It also helps in low bit Error rate.

5 Cyber Security Threats of using 5G Network:

 Move on to our discussion about the 5 threats of using the 5G network. Where there are some perks of using 5G there are also some threats and concerns related to this advanced technological invention. The 5 most prevalent concerns and threats are mentioned below.

5 Cyber security threats of using 5G Networks

1: Vulnerability in attack surface

The 5th generation of telecommunications with the capacity to connect with millions at one time comes with vulnerabilities related to attack surfaces. A network’s attack surface is a window that can be accessed by anyone. With the availability of attack surface to every person, there is an increased chance of exploitation by malicious Hackers and their destructive cyber attacks. There are chances of exploiting the personal information related to log-in users.

2: Limited resources for cyber security

There is a debate about the improvement of the cyber security issues faced by the 5G attack surface. The funds must be raised to overcome this hurdle in the way of the execution of this highly advanced telecommunication system. Government and the Information Technology industry should take effective measurements concerning the issues faced by 5G.

3: Need of Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Management System

The challenging process of connecting millions of users at the same time required a fully functioned and automated system of Artificial Intelligence under the observations of exceptional Management systems. The problem is that this kind of perfect environment for 5G is still in the developing process. As a result of that, there remain increased chances of cyberattacks.

4: Complex cell network partitioning

4G the predecessor of the 5G network uses the effective mode of partitioning network by hardware. When a network is hacked or faces any cyber-attacks 4G hardware prevents that attack by separating the specific node of the network from the rest of the site and by doing this it prevents the shutdown of the whole system. 5G has a drawback in this area which is that it uses certain cells consisting of certain geographical areas. Suppose that when one cell is hacked you cannot separate it from the server resulting in the shut down of a cell which ultimately affects the whole system of the network.

5: Non-existent Internet of Things

There are two types of devices one that is authorized and others that are not authorized also term as non-existent devices. The second type is used for illegal purposes including cybercrimes. These non-existent devices are a huge threat to the increasingly digitalized world. Hackers can use these devices to hack into the server of 5G and ultimately compromise personal information.

Conspiracy related to Covid-19 and 5G:

There is a conspiracy that the installments of 5G towers in various places can be considered as the reason for the outbreak of the Coronavirus. People burn various 5G towers to protest against this invention. They are also reports of Ecological scientists supporting this conspiracy that 5G signals do have harmful effects on living organisms. By evidence of bodily harm done by 5G signals, there is seen a downfall in the popularity of the 5G network. Resulting in effecting the marketing approaches of this network which can cost 5G network its need for more investments and funds.

Some precautionary measures to avoid these threats while using 5G

The owners of the 5G network come with temporary solutions to some issues related to the network. The three most common concerns have been addressed and their solutions are given by experts.

  • First, use complex passwords for your devices and avoid using the default passwords which will decrease the chance of cyberattacks. With complex passwords, there is a low chance of Hacking. According to some reports that people often use their birthdays, anniversaries, and pet names for their passwords which make their IDs more vulnerable.
  • Installed Anti-virus software to protect your devices. Anti-virus software is designed to protect your devices from any destructive viruses and cyber-attacks.
  • New updates help one to avoid cyber attacks and errors. Because new updates have kind of files which improves your performance of devices as well as protect it.

5G has both its perks and drawbacks but the possibility of the highly advanced technological era is increased with this invention. Many countries have already installed these 5G towers and experiencing the new era of telecommunications while some still consider its applications.

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