A Complete Citrix Certifications Guide: Top 5 Highest-Paying Citrix Certifications in 2022

Citrix certifications
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Citrix Certification: Top 5 Highest-Paying Citrix Certifications in 2022:

Many certifications are available that can give you the job you wish for, and you can get that job in no time. However, there are some problems with the related assignments is that are not such high-paying jobs you were looking for. You have to find a lot and struggle to find such positions in your area or sometimes go out of town. It can take a lot of time to get such a job. But, some certifications can get you the required highest-paying jobs in no time without waiting for such experience or vacant position.

These certifications are Citrix Certifications; these are the best highest-paying certification around the globe. If you want to get a sudden highest-paying job after your course, Citrix Certification would be the best option for you.

Also, there is a considerable demand for Citrix Certified from many organizations. Citrix Certified IT professionals can only understand the truth of these certifications. The average salary of a Citrix Certified is around $109,456. This salary can go more up depending on your certificate and expertise.

Citrix Certification is a treasured asset that has an Information Technology background. These certifications are among the top 10 highest-paying certifications worldwide. As undertakings begin to give all-day, every-day administrations to their clients 365 days per year, they need to nurture mechanisms to accomplish a productive cycle stream for something very similar. With endeavors acquiring traction in different areas with various time regions, it requires enormous virtualization and remote access for deals, activities, and task groups to go on from where the other group halted to convey nonstop help.

What is Citrix Certification?

Citrix Certification was first introduced by a multinational firm named “Citrix Systems Inc.” it was founded in 1989 by Ed Iacobucci. Citrix System was headquartered in the USA, Florida, California, Santa Clara, and Fort Lauderdale. Now, Citrix has available services at around 330,000 companies worldwide.

Citrix framework offers individuals driven administrations that give an edge to work from a distance by offering got information and applications on any advanced premises, gadget, or organization. They render distributed computing advancements, the application, servers, work area, virtualization, and programming to help SaaS (System as a Service) organizing. They offer significant certificates in a variety of Citrix fields.

Citrix Certifications are mainly based on a solution provided to organizations and IT professionals. The three major Citrix Certifications hot topic areas include Networking, Desktop virtualization, and Enterprise Mobility Management. Citrix System also provides firm file sync and sharing authorizations like EFSS (Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing). Many firms can securely and safely synchronize or share important files, photos, and docs from numerous devices with external partners, existing employees, and partners.

Citrix is well-reputed for its exceptional Xen Desktop, server, and Application Virtualization products. Citrix Certification includes a complete explained course to MS Hyper-V, VMware, and other cloud services and virtualization courses.

Why is Citrix Certifications Important?

Citrix certifications

There are many aspects we can say that having a Citrix certification in 2022 is the best thing you’ve ever done. Here are some significant points from that you can understand how important does Citrix Certification has:

  • One of the significant importance of Citrix Certifications is its high-paying jobs all around the world. The average salary of these professionals ranges from $95,000 to $105,456 per annum.
  • In the last few years of IT surveys, 85% of the results proved that most IT firms had recognized Citrix Certification value.
  • Many enterprises are looking for such IT professionals who have Citrix certifications in their resumes because these employers know the actual value of these certifications.
  • Besides these, the creating IT present-day firms are looking for guaranteed specialists who can, without a doubt, manage the cloud connectors, VMware virtual applications, Citrix workspace applications, StoreFront, and profile the leaders. Thus, associations often require experienced hands to work various contraptions for which they look for ensured Citrix managers.
  • Citrix System’s products are in huge demand in the technological world and functioning tremendously. A few of the most popular products are XenApp, Share File, Net Scalar, and many more.
  • The paramount importance of Citrix Certified is that they can apply across many well-functioning IT industries and global product markets.
    According to recent research, a Citrix Certification in his CV will boost his career and offer a considerable salary in 2022.

Who has the significant Advantage of Having Citrix Certifications?

Although, Citrix Certifications is best for those who have an IT background. Some IT roles can take more benefits from others which are:

  • End Users
  • IT Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • System Architects
  • Deployment Specialists
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Implementers
  • Citrix Tools Management Professional

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5 Highest-Paying Citrix Certifications in 2022

There are plenty of Citrix Certifications available, but few of them are the most important and highest paying Citrix Certifications you must acquire in 2022.

citrix certifications

1. Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer – CCEE

With a CCEE affirmation, designers can show their aptitude in dealing with a Citrix arrangement comprising of various results of Citrix. Make an incorporated virtualization arrangement by working different Citrix executions in a solitary thorough format incorporating work areas, server farms, and private mists.

There are different kinds of exams from which you have to show your expertise in the following Citrix products:

XenServer 6.0 Administration

It will develop your core skills to install excellently, manage, monitor, and configure the XenServer 6.0 deployments.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced

It will assist you in becoming an expert with the advanced features of Citrix XenApp 6.5, which provides a necessary foundation to maintain, optimize, and operate the XenApp environments.

Engineering a Citrix Virtualization

It will make you launch yourself as an expert proficient in positively configuring the virtualization solution in Microsoft Windows Server 2008 setup.

Citrix XenApp 6.5

It will allow you to learn essential skills to consolidate and control data center applications and send them immediately to remote users with Citrix XenApp 6.5.

Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration

Manage and Install the virtual desktop models, oversee provisioning facilities, and manage consumer access with Citrix XenDesktop 5.

Salary of CCEE Professional

The avg. salary of a CCEE certified is about $104,240 per annum.

2. Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization – CCE-V

It is also one of the most valuable and highest-paying Citrix certifications. The CCE-V certification validates your skills as an IT solution designer. These designers include consultants, engineers, and architects to design and evaluate Citrix Virtual Apps and PC solutions.

To pass this certification, you need to pass one exam (1Y0-402) of XenApp and XenDesktop assessment, advanced configuration, and design. You ought to recertify your Citrix certificates expeditiously before they expire. For recertification of the CCE-V, you can pick one of the accompanying choices beneath. It would be best if you held a current and substantial Citrix affirmation to fit the bill for one or the other choice. Terminated accreditations are not qualified.

If you want to pass the examination, we recommend you to prepare you the exam training that Hotcerts is offering:
CWS-215: Citrix Virtual Desktops & Apps 7.0 Administration in Citrix Cloud.


CMB-318: Citrix Virtual Desktops & Apps 7.0, WEM Fast-Track Administration, and Application Layering

Salary of CCE-V Certified

The avg. salary of a CCE-V certified is about $125,840 per annum.

3. Citrix Certified Professional in Virtualization – CCP-V

The Citrix Certified Professional in Virtualization – CCP-V empowers your skills and experience in information technology solution builders, i.e., consultants and engineers, required to support and manage the critical environment based on Citrix Virtual Applications or Apps Desktops with premising services. You have to pass one exam (1Y0-312) to acquire this CCP-V certification. But you have to obtain CCA-V (Citrix Certified Associate in Virtualization) certification first to become CCP-V.

The CCP-V exams cover the following topics:

  • Apply Severance and Scalability
  • Upgrade and Migrate WEM
  • WEM (Workspace Environment Management) Administration
  • Application layered and building the layers
  • Apply backup process and disaster recovery process
  • Manage and Configure Virtual Applications and Desktops Environment with various Locations
  • Apply Advanced Authentication Methods
  • Apply Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Utilize WEM (Workspace Environment Management) to centralize environment management and secure environments.

Salary of CCP-V Certified

The avg. salary of a CCP-V certified is about $101,840 per annum.

4. Citrix Certified Expert – Application Delivery and Security – CCE-AppDS

The Citrix Certified Expert in Application Delivery and Security – CCE-AppDS empowers the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to design Citrix networking solutions that incorporate critical business and technological requirements.

Citrix certifications

This certification is mainly for consultants, engineers, and architects. To take the CCE-AppDS, you must pass one exam (1Y0-440s based on architecting the Citrix Networking Solutions.

We suggest you get the best training to pass the exam, and that training is CNS-420 (Citrix Networking, Design, Configuration, and Advanced Assessment). Application Delivery and Security affirmations approve the information and abilities expected to use the full capacities of Citrix ADC, including execution for application and work area conveyance, organizing implementation and advancement, network security, and robotization and organization.

Salary of CCE-AppDS Certified

The avg. salary of a CCP-V certified is about $111,923 per annum.

5. Citrix Certified Endpoint Management – CC-CEM

The Citrix Certified Endpoint Management – CC-CEM enables your skills and expertise to manage, configure, support, and administer a Citrix Certified Endpoint Management Enterprise Solutions, including security productivity, mobile app management, and mobile device management. To acquire CC-CEM certification, you must pass one exam (1Y0-170) that includes managing Citrix Endpoint Management. We recommend that you have a particular course training of CEM-205 (Manage Citrix Endpoint Management) to acquire this certification. This certification will give you the core knowledge of:

  • MS Windows Server 2012 R2 of MS Windows Server 2008 R2
  • MS Windows 8.1 of Windows 7
  • Mobile Device OS, such as Android and iOS
  • Network terminology and architecture

This certification will also give you the following skills:

  • Citrix Endpoint Management
  • Mobile Security
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Endpoint Management Mail Manager
  • Mobile App Management
  • Mobile Complex Solutions

Salary of CC-CEM Certified

The avg. salary of a CC-CEM certified is about $90,923 per annum.


Undoubtedly, Citrix Certification is one of the highest-paying and valuable certifications now. Employers are seeking Citrix, Windows, and VMware skilled persons, and it was evident that the multi-skill will get you more job opportunities and pay. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in your specified certification and get a job in no time. Comment below if you have any questions regarding Citrix Certifications. We’d be happy to help you accordingly!

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