VMware Certification Guide: 5 Certifications That Will Boost Your Career in 2022

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VMware Certification Guide: 5 Certifications That Will Boost Your Career in 2022

The Information Technology world has been made very simple with VMware technology as it provides automated operations, utilization of workload, increased availability, etc. VMware is an undeniable industry leader. There is a considerable demand for VMware professionals who can help the firms with robust VMware services and products. VMware certifications programs are designed to authorize and build the skills and knowledge required to utilize their technologies.

VMware certification is not the services and software that its parent company establishes. These services include Mobility, Cloud Management, Data Center Virtualization, Desktop, Cloud Management, and Network Virtualization. Many opportunities are created for IT professionals who want to build and boost their careers.

VMware certifications are firmly in demand in 2022 by many organizations and companies. VMware was first founded in 1998 by three founders, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, and Edouard Bugnion. Many corporations that totally depend on VMware Software always look for candidates with VMware professional certification. It makes them ensure that they choose the right candidate who has the correct type of knowledge about VMware software.

Now we’ll discuss VMware certifications intensely and also their benefits. Keep reading this blog to know more amazing facts about VMware certifications.

  What is VMware?

Virtual Machine Software (VMware) develops and manage virtualization. Virtualization is a fantastic technique that most enterprises are using and developing now. VMware is used to create a perception layer over the computer hardware.

VMware Certification Guide: 5 Certifications That Will Boost Your Career in 2022

It allows the hardware elements, i.e. storage, memory, and processors, to be distributed into various virtual computers. It is generally stated as Virtual Machines. Each virtual machine acts as an independent PC and runs on its OS (Operating System) even though it basically runs on computer hardware’s part.

More proficient usage of PC equipment and better profit from an association’s equipment venture is empowered by virtualization. Private and public cloud suppliers can serve more clients with VMware without changing their current actual PC equipment.

Benefits of Having VMware Certification

About 97% of the professionals believed that the VMware Certification has improved the job opportunity or productivity, improved their earning potential, developed their credibility, and upgraded career aspects.

Here are some benefits you’ll get after getting a VMware certification:

  • Acknowledgment of your Technical Skills and Knowledge: VMware solutions and services are generally used to solve challenging IT infrastructure problems. So, having a VMware certification will give you globally acknowledgment for your capabilities and skills.
  • More Job Opportunities: Once completing the VMware Professional Certification, you can add this to your resume and let the magic begin. After having a VMware certificate on your resume, it will create more job opportunities.
  • Become a member of VExpert Circle: After getting a VMware professional certification, you’ll become a member of VExpert Circle.
  • Better Problem Solving Abilities: You’ll have a better understanding of the problem and problem-solving abilities than other professionals.

Requirements for Having a VMware Certification

Although everyone can get a VMware certificate, some candidates have the following qualifications that will get more benefits than others:

  1. Network Operators
  2. Testers
  3. Developers
  4. Service Providers
  5. System Engineers
  6. Verification Engineers
  7. System Administrators

Which VMware Certification is Best for You?

There are about four levels of VMware certifications which are:

  • VCA – VMware Certified Associate
  • VCP – VMware Certified Professional
  • VCAP – VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VCDX – VMware Certified Design Expert

The entry-level VMware certification is VCA, which indicates that the candidate has a basic knowledge of Virtualization technology. The following certification is VCP which elaborate more advanced skills, i.e. installing and managing VMware ESXi or vCenter Server.

Which VMware Certification is Best for You?

The expert level certifications include VCAP and VCDX. If you want to get a VCAP certification, you must need a VCA certification. On the other hand, if you’re going to get a VCDX certificate, you must need a VCP certificate.

Additionally, these VMware certifications also offer 4 tracks of certificates which are Automation, data center virtualization, cloud management, and network virtualization.

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5 VMware Certifications to Boost Your Career in 2022

Now we’ll discuss 5 best virtualization certifications that will help you to boost your career in 2022.

1: VCA-DBT (VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation)

The VCA-DBT certification is specially designed for IT experts who utilize VMware technologies and products that maintain Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation clarifications, including vRealize Suite, vSphere, NSX, and vSAN. Earning VCA-DBT certification authenticates your understanding of different virtualization ideas and how they’ll drive any enterprise’s digital agenda.

After getting VMware Certified Associate – Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT) certification, you’ll be able to understand these skills and topics deeply:

  • Define and explain the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture
  • Define and explain vSphere solutions
  • Define and explain vSAN solutions
  • Define and explain Horizon Suite solutions
  • Define and explain the NSX solution
  • Define and explain vRealize Suite solutions
  • Recommend the right and valuable products for customer’s requirements solution.

To get VCA-DBT certification, you’ll need to pass one exam of VCP-DCV (1V0-701). We recommend you understand the concepts of virtualization before attempting to earn this certification.

2: VCP – VMware Certified Professional

A VMware Certified Professional has the information and specialized abilities to introduce, arrange, oversee and uphold datacenter virtualization in VMware’s vSphere climate. VCP confirmation up-and-comers are ordinarily framework faculty with 6+ months experience working with a vSphere execution.

VCP certification is specially designed for engineers and network administrators to examine their skills and knowledge of troubleshooting, implementing, and managing the structure which comes with vSphere V6. To be eligible for giving this exam, you should have an associate level of certification

After getting VCP certification, you’ll be able to understand deeply about these skills and topics:

  • Install, manage, secure and upgrade VMware ESXi and vCenter Server
  • Completely recognize vSphere Solutions and Architecture
  • Make, send and oversee Virtual Machines, VM Clones, Templates and vApps.
  • Move VMs, and reinforce/reestablish Virtual Machines utilizing VMware Data Recovery.
  • Perform essential investigating for the vSphere Network, Storage and ESXi Hosts.
  • Screen a vSphere execution and control vCenter Server Alarms.

The main topics which you will cover are specially centered on the vSphere V6 foundation and implementing its applications. In order to earn this certification, you’ll have to pass two exams which include: 5-DCV (2V0-620) and VCP6-DCV.

3: VCAP-DCV Design (VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Virtualization Design)

This VCAP-DCV certification is a high-level program intended to approve an individual’s expertise with planning and sending VMware V6 framework arrangements across a different IT climate. The VCAP-DCV was made for information drafting technicians and specialists who plan and send these answers for endeavors. There are two levels to this testament, and they are for planning and conveying the V6 framework.

After getting a VCP-DCV Design certification, you’ll be able to understand these topics and skills:

  • Develop a vSphere 6.5 Conceptual Design
  • Develop a vSphere 6.x Logical Design from a Prevailing Conceptual Design
  • Develop a vSphere 6.x Physical Design from a Prevailing Logical Design

If you want to earn a VCAP-DCV Design certificate, you must pass one exam of VCAP 6.5 – DCV Design (3V0-624).

Before attempting this certification, you must earn VCP-DCV 2020 or VCP-DCV 2021 certifications. This also applies to those candidates who have VCP or VCAP certificate on a different track.

4: VCDX – NV (VMware Certified Design Expert in Network Virtualization)

This certification is equipped for plan drafting technicians and architects who can plan and execute complex thoughts through vSphere and the NSX climate. It is the most noteworthy feasible confirmation under the organization virtualization class. Authentication is exceptionally worshipped in the field of systems administration, and fruitful competitors proceed to fabricate incredible vocations.

If you’re interested in VCDX –NV certification, you must have to focus on the subjects of implementing and designing the ideas in the NSX ecosystem. There is no particular exam for this certification. You need to create a design, submit an application and do the design review. Also, you have to defend your design to get this certification.

5: VCAP-CMA Design (VMware Certified Advanced Professional in Cloud Management and Automation)

This certification is specially designed for IT professionals who integrate and organize the vRealize Automation 7.2 solutions with substantial enterprise environments. This certification will increase your credibility and verify a deep understanding of CMD (Cloud Management design) methodologies and ideologies.

After getting the VCAP-CMA design certificate, you’ll be able to understand the following topics and skills:

  • Develop a vRealize Automation Conceptual Design
  • Develop a vRealize Automation Logical Design
  • Develop a vRealize Automation management substructure
  • Complete an Extensibility Design
  • Complete a Catalog Design

To earn a VCAP-CMA certificate, you need to pass on exam of VCAP-CMA exam (3V0-732).


VMware technologies are growing very fast, and in another 5 years, there will be surely an increase in demand for VMware professionals. The above mentioned are the best certifications you can earn and add to your resume to get more success in your life. Comment below if you have any questions about choosing the VMware certification path.

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