How to acquire Citrix Certification? Explain Citrix Certification career path in 2022

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How to acquire Citrix Certification? Explain Citrix Certification career path in 2022

The Citrix Certification critically boosts your professional reliability in the record-growing IT industry and allows incredible opportunities for beginners. Especially in the technological and data revolution firms.

In this era of technology, many companies and IT professionals have increased demand for Citrix professionals to reach the client’s requirements. Citrix Certification provides proven prodigious effective and competitive solutions.

Citric Certification provided numerous cloud computing and virtualization solutions for about three eras that include three divisions: analytics, networking, and workspace. Though, these kinds of solutions sometimes become more complex when it comes in terms of maintenance, configuration, and installation.

As we all know, in this time of modern technology, customers always anticipate more than what is required. Opposing to this, organizations frequently search for such assistants who can assist organizations with accomplishing the designated regions with their demonstrated abilities and information.

They generally search for such experts who can serve them with key direction, handle complex executions, and convey related administrations nonstop without much of a stretch. It isn’t so much that taking care of such issues is hard for a worker. Instead, Citrix accreditation permits experts to approve their abilities and land a genuinely fantastic line of work in top associations.

Keep reading this article to know what and how to acquire Citrix certification in 2022:

What is Citrix Certification All About?

Citrix Certification is all about a proven proficient skill for configuring, installing, and controlling Digital Booth or Citric Networking products within a formidable cloud and initiative networking environment. Citrix is an international software firm founded in 1989 by Iacobacci and headquartered in Santa Clara and Fort Lauderdale.

How to acquire Citrix Certification? Explain Citrix Certification career path in 2022

Citrix Certification is identified for its server, Xen desktop, application virtualization, and server products. This Certification includes a proper course to Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and other virtualization and cloud computing offerings.

The organization has since renamed the items in its virtualization suite, added new computerized working environment and systems administration items to its portfolio, and accepted the cloud with its own Citrix Cloud Platform.

Like most endeavor programming organizations, Citrix perceived the worth of affirmation to its clients and IT experts. The organization upholds a thorough Citrix certificate program with characterized Citrix affirmation ways.

Citrix accreditations likewise grant qualifications to experts gifted in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops inside either Citrix Cloud or the cloud stage given by Microsoft Azure. For ShareFile, Endpoint Management, Xen Server, and SD-WAN by Citrix. You likewise have the choice of the Certified Service Delivery Professional from Citrix for up-and-comers working for Citrix arrangement suppliers.

Importance of Citrix Certification in 2022

  • According to the latest IT professional’s survey, those who are Citrix Certified can own the set of skills and proficiencies that will give them a very handsome amount in 2022.
  • 85% of the IT survey’s result shows that most IT companies have realized the significance of the Citrix Certification in less than 3 or 6 months.
  • Many of the companies always remain curious to select such people who are Citrix Certified as they are all aware of the proficiency of the certified individual.
  • Citrix Products are in very high demand in the IT world and running tremendously. Some of the products include Net Scalar, ShareFile, Xen APP, etc.
  • Citrix Certified professionals can apply across the growing industries and in multinational markets.
  • The average salary of Citrix Certified per year is about $95,000 to $105,187.
  • Aside from these, the developing IT modern vertical is searching for ensured experts who can undoubtedly deal with the cloud connectors, VMware virtual applications, Citrix work area applications, StoreFront, and profile the executives. So, organizations frequently require experienced hands to work different gadgets for which they search for guaranteed Citrix administrators.

Who Must Select the Citrix Certification Path?

If you are worried about if you are able enough to take Citrix Certification. If you owe the followings IT roles, Citrix Certification will indeed offer you many good benefits:

Who Must Select the Citrix Certification Path?

  • IT Implementer
  • Citrix Tool Management Professional
  • System Architect
  • IT administrator
  • IT Professional
  • Deployment Specialist
  • System Engineer
  • Cloud Computing Professional
  • Networking Specialist

Significant Benefits of Being Citrix Certified

Now we’re going to discuss some significant benefits of Citrix Certification you’ll get:

  • Let you clutch advanced skills: The Citrix certificate empowers you to grasp the necessary arrangement of abilities that permit you to play out your occupation viably. The accreditation will set you up as per the objective to give equipped outcomes in overseeing Citrix applications and related stages. The individuals who are Citrix guaranteed frequently get the central inclination for work in the IT fields.
  • Make your resume Valuable: Having the Citrix affirmation adds believability to your educational program vitae, along these lines giving you a lifelong lift. Confirmed IT experts are constantly thought to be over the rest because of their capacity to accomplish specialized capability in significant fields like work areas, applications, server organization, and distributed computing. Likewise, such experts are taken as specialists to deal with the tough spot without a hitch.
  • Opens Many Career Opportunities: Citric Certification will open many career opportunities for you. In this advanced world, many jobs opportunities are surging up day by day. Such prospects sit tight for the individuals who are confirmed and have the ability to demonstrate their power through their range of job opportunities. Citrix accreditation is one of the most lucrative certificates in the IT business.
  • Confirms a Level of Expertise: All the Citrix Certified in cloud innovation and virtualization have been intended to know the developing necessities of the organizations and IT experts. The certificate assures managers, affiliates, business endeavor accomplices, and individual specialists that you have achieved the whole abilities fundamental to do the work.

Why Choose Hotcerts?

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Also, you can get more valuable courses of Citrix Certification that will surely help you choose your career. Many of the Certification needs at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Still, a lot of new opportunities are arising for those who have an interest in the Certification but do not have a relevant degree or experience. Hotcerts provides this opportunity to those who want to take courses of different Citrix certifications and start their career as professionals.

Citrix Certification Career Path You Should know in 2022

Now we’re going to discuss in detail about different Citric Certifications you should know about to start your career path in 2022. This includes associate, professional, and expert Certification and will lead you to choose the right career path.

Citrix Certification Career Path You Should know in 2022

Citrix offers you a variety of digital Certification that helps an individual to set a career path in 2022. These leading and demanding Citrix certifications will help you to choose the best for your career path:

  • Citrix Certified Expert – CCE for Networking/virtualization
  • Citrix Certified Associate – CCA
  • Citrix Certified Professional – CCP
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Services on Citrix Cloud – CC-VAD-CC
  • Citrix XenServer Certified – CC-XenServer

Keep reading this article to get benefit from fantastic information about these certifications:

Citrix Certified Associate for Virtualization – CCA-V

CCA-Virtualization is specially created for beginners or early Information Technology experts who have basic knowledge about installing, configuring, and managing Desktop7 and Citrix Virtual Apps.

By getting a CCA-V course will enable your understanding of the following topics and skills:

  • Managing Websites
  • Published App and Desktop Management and Presentation
  • Citrix Profile Management
  • Monitoring Sites
  • Deploying the sites
  • Migrating to Citrix Cloud Services
  • Desktop and App Images
  • Supporting and Troubleshooting the Citrix App and Desktops
  • Controlling Printing for Customer Sessions
  • Provisioning and Delivering Desktop and App Resources
  • Providing Admittance to App and Desktop Resources

If you want to get this Certification, you’ll have to pass a one-time exam of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration – (1Y0-204)

There are no prerequisites for getting this course. As CCA-V is for beginners, anyone can get this course to learn about Citrix from Scratch.

After getting a grip on the skills mentioned above and topics, Citric recommends you to have a hands-on session in installing, managing and configuring a high-level availability configuration of CVP (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops). It also recommends more training on Cloud Technologies and Citrix Virtualization to take the CCA-V exams.

Citrix Certified Professional for Virtualization – CCP-V

This CCP-V Certification is specially designed for basic-level IT professionals, system engineers, and desktop virtualization. It is intended for those who work in Citrix App and Desktop environment.

The CCP-V includes the following skills and topics that will validate you to understand it better:

  • Advanced Provisioning Service Architecture
  • WEM (Workspace Environment Management)
  • Incorporating Provisioning Services with XenApp and XenDesktops
  • FMA (Flex Cast Management Architecture)
  • Target Devices
  • VDA (The Virtual Delivery Agent)
  • Streaming the vDisk
  • App Layering
  • Provisioning Services Infrastructure
  • User Environment
  • HDX
  • StoreFront

If you want to earn this certification, you will have to pass the following exam: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 Advanced Administration – (1Y0-311)

The candidate must earn CCA-V Certification to enroll in this course.

This CCP-V is for those IT professionals who have more than six months of proactive skill with a XenDesktop 7.15 solution prior to attempting the Citrix Certified Professional for Virtualization exam.

Citrix Certified Expert for Virtualization – CCE-V

The CCE-V is mainly aimed at expert Information Technology Professionals, engineers, consultants, and architects. This course will enable you to learn and grasps the following skills and topics, which includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Design and Planning
  • Design Methodology
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Accessing Architecture and brand store design
  • Physical Resource Design
  • Image Management Design and Strategy
  • Personalization Design
  • Multi-Location and High-Availability Solutions
  • Application Delivery
  • User Layer and Connectivity
  • XenDesktop and XenApp Administrative and Site Design

If you want to earn CCE-V certification, it’ll require passing one exam of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp 7.15 Design, Advance Configuration, and Assessment – (1Y0-402).

If you want to get this certificate, you must earn Citrix Certified Professional certification.

This Certification is mainly for IT experts with having practical experience in designing and accessing CVP (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops) solutions that are based on XenDesktop and XenApp 7.15

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services on Citrix Cloud Certified – CC-VAD-CC

This Certification is designed for those IT professionals who frequently use Citrix Cloud Stage or is planning to move to Citrix Cloud Stage.

This Certification includes the following skills and topics:

  • Monitoring Sites
  • Architecture Overview
  • CVP & D
  • App and Desktop Images
  • Provisioning and Delivering Apps
  • Managing Sites
  • Providing Access to Apps
  • Citrix Profile Management
  • Managing User Experience

This Certification requires every candidate to pass one exam, which is: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service o Citrix Cloud – (Certification Assessment 1Y0-130).

If you want to earn this course, you must have to complete at least one of these training courses – CXD-250, CXD-252, CWS-215, CMB-318

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services Integration with Microsoft Azure – CC-VAD-MA

The CC-VAD-MA certification is mainly designed for those IT experts who daily use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service or plan to experience Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service.

The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services Integration with Microsoft Azure will enable you to understand these skills and topics:

  • Planning for a Popular POC
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps on Microsoft Azure Overview
  • Deploying Apps and Desktops
  • Connecting to Microsoft Azure
  • Maintaining Infrastructure
  • Providing access to End Users

If you want to earn the CC-VAD-MA, you will have to pass the following exam: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Integration with Microsoft Azure (1Y0-150)

Preceding to enroll in this Certification, you must complete one of these two compulsory training courses: CXD-251 or CXS-252.

If you want to get this certification, Citrix recommends you take the practical experience of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Microsoft Azure and technology preceding to attempt this CC-VAD-MA exam.


No doubt that getting Citric Certification in 2022 in your resume will make it super strong. It will help you to learn deep knowledge of Citrix and Virtualization. Earning one of the certifications (which we’ve mentioned above) will make you get a valuable job in your country. These certifications are a straight path to success. In this article, we’ve talked about significant aspects is Citric Certification. Comment below if you’ve any questions about Citrix Certification.

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