Complete Guide on Azure Web Hosting in 2023!

Azure Web Hosting
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Azure Web Hosting in 2023

Cloud platforms and portals rapidly expand across all industries today, acting as the IT architecture that powers new digital businesses. These platforms and apps have transformed the way businesses operate and simplified processes. Over 77 percent of organizations now have at least some of their computing environment in the cloud.

While numerous cloud computing opportunities are available, two formats dominate the industry. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure are indeed the two cloud computing giants.

While Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure is the speediest and second-largest. Microsoft Azure web hosting is the best hosting service globally.

Keep reading the article to learn about Azure web hosting pricing, plans, and many more.

What is Azure Web Hosting?

Azure web hosting is a powerful application that enables the production model to manage the backup and cloud computing in a new and straightforward process. Users can manage different databases, virtual machines, and memberships across multiple locations. The platform allows meek to manage all accessible resources and create appealing dashboards and frameworks to streamline and in phase.

Microsoft Azure web hosting allows users to scale separate sites and group them inside a premium membership. As a result, it enables the user to create the sites he necessitates without wasting money. As a result, a few places can be upgraded beyond expectations at a low cost. There are several price tiers available.

The support for backup and recovery and disaster recovery processes is an essential function of Azure hosting. Furthermore, it is used as a location to host the dataset in the cloud infrastructure. The flexibility and impartial scalability of the services provided are significant benefits of implying Azure web hosting. It also allows the user to create solutions if necessary.

Unique Features of Microsoft Azure Web Hosting



In this section, we’ll look at Azure web hosting is more significant and robust features, which include scaling, data backup, and data recovery.

Scalability is one of Azure’s strong points. Azure will automatically scale your domain controller if your company fluctuates after certain times. It is excellent because surges in web traffic will not cause your site to crash, and pay-as-you-go billing ensures you only compensate for what you are using when business is slow.

Whenever it comes to web hosting, backups are essential. Azure Backup is a cloud-based alternative that can also be used on-premises and is a component of the Azure Recovery Services packet. Azure backup is straightforward to set up and use via the Azure Portal.

Most web hosting services offer some form of backup and recovery, but not all are geographically distributed. Because Azure free web hosting has multiple systems in multiple places, your data will be safe even if there is a disaster because it is not kept in a single location.

Site owners must assess how much web hosting service storage will be required for their website. This is because it will cost them more money to run the website if it is overburdened with content. It must be considered when developing a business plan, as the revenue generated by the website should overpower any outgoings such as this.

Furthermore, using a more considerable amount of disc storage can reduce the website’s functionality. Another critical factor to consider is whether or not adding media will make the remainder of the website clunky and awkward.

Is Azure Web Hosting Free?

Azure hosting does not come cheap. Storage, data transmission, and computing costs are among the costs of Azure hosting. Before registering for Azure hosting, carefully examine all of the expenses. There is no Azure free web hosting, and you have to buy a subscription plan to host your website.

On the other hand, the subscription provides several benefits, including the ability to scale and down your resources when needed, exposure to Microsoft software and services, and 24/7 customer support. The membership represents good value for companies that require a dependable cloud-based hosting service. Azure free web hosting is a pay-you-go method.

Azure is a cloud services platform that can run a wide range of services and facilities. Azure assistance is not free, but it does offer a variety of pricing options to meet a variety of needs. Azure help for apps and services like Office 365, Interplay 365, and Salesforce, for example, is accessible on a monthly subscription basis.

What is Different Azure Web Hosting Pricing?


Azure Web Hosting Pricing


However, apart from the free tier, Azure offers more regarding a website’s hosting. The Free plan includes 10 websites, mobile or Application programming interface apps, and one gigabyte of disc space. Here is the different azure web hosting plan you must need to know if you are looking for web hosting:

Basic Plan

The basic Azure web hosting plan is ideal for websites and apps with low traffic. It is worth noting that it does not endorse auto-scale. It does, however, offer basic traffic management capabilities. The cost of a basic plan is determined by the resources required. Here is the table of azure web hosting pricing:


Services Cores RAM Storage Price
S1 1 1.75 GB 50 GB 0.10 USD per hour
S2 2 3.50 GB 50 GB 0.20 USD per hour
S3 4 7 GB 50 GB 0.40 USD per hour

Premium Plan

The premium plan is designed for websites and apps that require exceptional service. Here is the table of azure web hosting pricing premium plan:


Services Cores RAM Storage Price
P1v2 1 3.50 GB 250 GB 0.20 USD per hour
P2v2 2 7 GB 250 GB 0.40 USD per hour
P3v2 4 14 GB 250 GB 0.80 USD per hour

Isolated Plan

This Microsoft Azure web hosting plan is ideal for websites and apps that receive millions of users or visitors each month. Here is the table of azure web hosting isolated pricing plan:


Services Cores RAM Storage Price
I1 1 3.50 GB 1 TB 0.40 USD per hour
I2 2 7 GB 1 TB 0.80 USD per hour
I3 4 14 GB 1 TB 1.60 USD per hour

Above is the best azure web hosting pricing you can get for your website and the best customer support. The premium plan is the best average azure web hosting plan on the list.


Do you currently use Widows? Then Azure web hosting solutions are something you should look into. Organizations that use other operating systems can also benefit from the platform’s numerous advantages. They impose a high cost for their functionalities, so they may not be suitable for small businesses or individuals. Comment down if you have any questions related to Microsoft Azure web hosting. Our Professional support team will assist you accordingly!

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